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Project Part 2 Student SSCP® Domain Research Paper
Security Operations means the process of identifying critical information and subsequently analyzing friendly actions attendant to military operations and other activities to: 1. Identify those actions that can be observed by adversary intelligence systems; 2. Determine indicators that hostile intelligence systems might obtain that could be interpreted or pieced together to derive critical information in time to be useful to adversaries; and 3. Select and execute measures that eliminate or reduce to an acceptable level the vulnerabilities of friendly actions to adversary exploitation. [1]
The need to connect and collaborate with partners, suppliers, customers, and employees anytime and anywhere has increased the difficulty of managing network and systems security. Organizations are challenged with the difficult and overwhelming task of securing and managing network systems, and keeping their desktops and servers up to date. Organizations want easy and efficient ways to maintain network security, manage updates, and, at the same time, reduce total costs for security management.

When addressing security management and operations, administrators need to consider the following:
• Security: Employees not only work from corporate offices, but from branch offices, home offices, or from the road. Managing access policies and security for remote connectivity requires flexibility to apply security policies to different sets of users and groups, as well as ensuring remote users are up to date with the most current updates. Administrators must keep systems up to date with the latest reinforcements and fixes to prevent security cracks.
• Management complexity: Security threats are vigorous; therefore, ongoing management of systems to keep them up to date is very important.
• Lowering cost: The demands on IT staff to keep…...

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