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Philippines New Call Center Capital?

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Can the Philippines be a new call centre capital? Investigate the outsourcing of call centre’s to the Philippines

Filipinos are excellent in communication and possess a good command of English that is the reason why Philippines are attracting more investor to put their call centers hubs in the country. Though Filipino workers are hardworking and globally competitive there are many factors that should be considered when an investor wants to invest in the Philippines; some factors are the labor cost and low tax. Filipino workers have American culture that influences them with their good communication skills; they provide a high quality service, high skilled worker, and educated worker. With the help of the Philippine government in making good infrastructure and providing a free training. Will this help the Philippines be the new call center capital?

Philippines a new call centre capital?
The Philippines is now number 1 in the world when it comes to providing voices service, the top provider of technical support is still India because of its cheaper labor. Business processing outsource companies remain optimistic that Philippines can be the new call center capital in the world with the strength that every Filipino workers has it is possible for the country to be the new call center capital in the world. Because of their excellent communication skills and because they possess a good command of English, Filipino workers are considered a very good business processing outsource assets for the Philippines. The Philippines was cited for having a good supply of workers to fill job vacancies in call center companies. Philippines also has an excellent training facilities, good support from the government, the government is exerting efforts to improve infrastructure programs to provide investor with even more reasons to do business in the country and expand...

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