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Philisohpy of Leadership

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This leadership journal will focus on the concepts learned in unit 1 of the class. Such topics like interpersonal skills, workforce diversity, organizational behavior, and leadership. This journal will reflect on my personal experiences in my life and the workforce. Interpersonal skills. Within society one must possess this skill to effectively interact with others (Robbins & Judge, 2012). Basically put these are life skills we use every day, in group settings or individually. For example many companies tend to hire people with these skills, they like to know if someone can work well in a team, communicate effectively with customers and clients, and so on. I believe this skill is a must to have for anyone to survive in this world. If you cannot get your ideas cross to other people you will have it difficult to get the things you want or need. I know for facts that people who don’t have this skill often times are shy, socially inept, and closed off to the world. I know for customer service type jobs this skill is important for the employer. I like to talk so communication for me is important and learning new ways to reach out to people makes me a happier optimistic person. Workforce diversity. This concept is the new rave in workplaces today, companies want to seem diverse and competitive to attract new business customers like the government. Many companies try to diversify because of economic payback, social responsibility, marketing strategy, and a big one, law requirements. I think companies want to be seen as likeable so they try to hire minorities to not seem racist in my view. I still find it hard when a company says it is diversified but yet you don’t see any minorities in charge. I know in my past employment I have only had one black boss. Even though many minorities are deemed qualified to do the management jobs you never see it. Everywhere is...

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