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Marketing Plan


Project Group 2 Greenpeace Project Coach: Study Year : Date of Marketing Plan: Helen de Haan 2010-2011 Feb-instroom, term 2, project 2 31-05-2010


This marketing plan provides a comprehensive strategic plan for the NGO Greenpeace. It is aimed for Executive Managers and those who will conduct supervision of the implementation of this marketing plan. The marketing plan does not focus on technical issues, but rather examines basic principals concerning the internal- and external environment, strategy execution and the result realized after execution. To reinforce the purpose and profitable outcome of the marketing plan, there are, throughout this manuscript, numerous illustrative extracts with commentary, including company reports and other sources. Throughout the text some marketing- and financial terminology is used, for this reason foreknowledge of marketing and finance will be essential in understanding the analysis used in this manuscript and the true purpose of the strategic plan. Topics in the manuscript follow a logical coherent order. In part 1; general information about the internal- and external environment of Greenpeace is given, correctly identifying potential internal- and external threats and opportunities that may be in effect. After an exhaustive and thorough analysis, the information collected will be instrumental in conjuring up an efficient and effective marketing strategy which is clearly laid out in Part 2; “Marketing Strategy”. The manuscript ends with a description of the results and benefits achieved by the strategy. It is sincerely hoped that this marketing plan will be readable and helpful.

Project Group 2, Greenpeace

2 i

Acknowledgements Before we begin this marketing plan we would first like to thank some project members and professors without whom this Greenpeace Marketing Plan...

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