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There is an old saying, walk a mile in someone’s shoes. I became a nurse after being a patient many times. I have experienced many surgeries, multiple recoveries and rehabilitation. Through this journey I encountered many healthcare providers. When I became a nurse I had the opportunity to meet even more healthcare providers. Just like the ones I met as a patient most were good and some were bad, as with any profession. What stands out in my mind when I was a patient was that some doctors and nurses heard my voice. They listened to me, they respected me and they cared for me. They were just as skilled as the other doctors or nurses but they had something more. They genuinely cared about me as a person. These experiences as a patient and as a nurse have shown me the the value of caring in the health care profession.
With this background I found most nursing theories to be less than satisfying. I liked different theorists for different situations in nursing. I could not totally agree with everything from each theorist I explored. Now, with my deeper understanding of nursing theories, I understand theories are to be a guide for nurses to follow and make the theory their own (Friberg & Creasia, 2016). Probably due to my experiences described above, Jean Watson’s theory of nursing based on the philosophy and science of caring (Friberg & Creasia, 2016) struck a chord with me.
Dr. Jean Watson is the founder and director of the Watson Caring Science Institute. She obtained a R.N. Diploma in Nursing, a B.S. in Nursing, a M.S. in psychiatric mental-health nursing with a minor in psychology, and a Ph.D. in educational psychology and counseling. Her philosophy of nursing is based on the belief that the caring relationship between nurse and patient forms the core of nursing practice. She does not believe that nursing skills are unimportant. Skill in the use of modern...

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