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Philosophy Paper
What should really be blamed for terrorist incidents?
The article written by Deepa Kumar and the debate between Ben Affleck and Sam Harris mainly discuss the issue of Islamophobia, whether it is justified or not by the liberals. The article depicts how the author critiqued the trend against Islamic religion due to the terrorists and warfare in four ways. The author stated that the Islamic religion should not be blamed for violence just because of a few terrorists. All the religions have a similar history of violence, so that even a barbaric history could not be the reason to claim the whole religion is violent and evil. Otherwise, all the religions should be classified as inherently violent. Furthermore, the author stressed that there should be no distinguishment among different religions. The intrinsic value for all religions is similar, which is to give people belief. Neither the Catholicism nor the West is superior because the strong power of the western countries and desires to gain resources according to the author. The aim of the author is to point out the Islamophobia is not justified, and it accounts to the discrimination and racism towards Islam and Muslims.
Similar views can be found in the debate, although the debate is more focused on the recent ISIS issue rather that the Iraq war. Ben Affleck holds the view that the terrorist activities should be only associated with few extremists in the religion, and it is nothing to do with the religion and most of its believers who are peaceful people. Nevertheless, Sam Harris stands on the different side by stating that the extreme are a larger part of the Muslims.
Mr. Harris’ point is that the instinct for jihad, apostasy, blasphemy and martyrdom comes from their belief which is Islam. In fact the root that stimulates the terrorists is Islam. The religion should be responsible for the evil.…...

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