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Nursing Philosophy, Model, and Theory Discussion
Carolyn Castanier, Victoria Navarro, Carrie Teng
April 15, 2013
Joy Brock RN, MSN, FNP
University of Phoenix

Nursing Philosophy, Model, and Theory Discussion

Our assignment for week four is a discussion of the nurse theorist that we have identified with and have noted as an influence in our practice as nurses. The three of us work in different departments and all have taken something from the theorist we have read and researched. This paper will show the different approaches we all take in our careers. We all have the same goals. But as individuals we take the theorist influence and mold it to our everyday tasks.
Victoria Navarro, Martha Rogers
Martha Rogers’s theory outlines the interaction between human and environment (Rogers 1970). With that knowledge both medical professional and patients can identify the influences that are detrimental and beneficial to the health and wellbeing of the patient. Armed with this knowledge corrections can be made. During the assessment stage of the nursing process the information obtained must be complete. The information regarding the patient’s life such as diet, home life, life style, employment and relationships are very important to assess needs of improvement. Making the patient a part of their own health process gives the patient a sense of empowerment and will bring better health outcomes. In my practice I have become more inattentive to what my patient states. As well as, encouraging my patients to be more involved in their care. The time that the patients have with us the medical professionals is short and patient needs to know what action need to be encouraged and what actions need to be discouraged.
Carrie Teng, Florence Nightingale
In Nightingale’s theory, Person defined as people are multidimensional, composed of…...