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Philosophy: A Modern Age

As I look around me at my peers I notice a lack of drive. Many people comment on the degrading of dress, and of behavior, that the new generation is without manner, or class. They attribute this to modern media and a divergent from hard-set traditions. I however disagree; I believe that it is a lack of determination, a lack of goals, and a lack of reward. In the past the American dream has driven people to do great things. The promise that if they work hard, don’t make people angry, and have a little bit of luck; they too can rise to the top of the American royalty. New money. Back in the day that was a distasteful word, but to many it was the hope that kept them running when times got bad, when all hope was lost. Today Americans have lost sight of what and who they are. They let politicians behind closed doors make their choices for them. They blindly follow in the footsteps of their parents not thinking for themselves. Education, something that was such a near and dear goal in the minds of many people in the early 20th century, has now fallen on the back burner. Greed. Corruption. All of it has poisoned our once great country. Now we’re billions of dollars in debt, our youth is parading around with their pants hanging around their knees. What American needs is not spending cuts, defense cuts, gay marriage, or gun restrictions. Yes many of those are important, but they are not what we need to pull through hard times. We need a resurgence of culture. We need the identity that we no longer have. Foreign countries look on us with disgust. Our brutish, and crude way of living is disgusting; when America was first founded, back when we knew who we were, back when we had something to fight for European countries looked at us with a sense of awe. The first colony to break from the motherland, a new super power rising from the ashes of Great…...