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Mr. Barker

Philosophy 101

9 February 2011

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Many people believe that philosophy is a subject meant for those who are lost in

life. Its actually the opposite those who do not study philosophy are lost in life. In our

everyday lives philosophy can be applied from our hygiene to our relationships. It is

based on the questioning of every aspect of life to better gain an understanding of it. The

better understanding of something can allow us to change the bad for the better or add to

the good if need be. The big questions in philosophy are about the existence of god, our

own existence, morality, ethics, reality, life’s meaning, and knowledge. All question have

an ultimate goal to end pain and suffering whether it be in life or death. There have been

many philosophers who believe that they have figured out the solution to suffering in life

and death. They came up with guidelines and philosophies that would help people to be

good morally in turn be good for all of mankind. Siddhartha Gautama, K’ung-fu-Tzu, and

Lao Tzu all believed that their own ways were the most effective.

Buddha was born into a royal family who believed in the traditional teachings of

the Hindu religion. It involved reincarnation, karma, Brahmin priesthood, sacrificial

system, and the caste system. With god and goddess, the better you do in a previous life

the better your next life will be with a rich male being top of the food chain. Buddhism
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comes from the old Hindu beliefs of karma and reincarnation. His goal was to break the

cycle of reincarnation and to reach a state of nirvana to end suffering. He completely

discredited both systems and priesthood. Buddhism was meant to be practiced by anyone

not just wealthy males. He came to this…...