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Survey of Mexican Philosophical Thought

The philosophy of the Mexicans is a production of philosophers from ancestries from Mexico, residing either within or outside the country. The general philosophy surfaced with the introduction of the first school by the Spanish conquerors, with teaching and publications on philosophical treaties. As such, it is critical to deny that these thinkers got education from the European schools, making it quite impossible for Hispanic thinkers to express the sense of racism in their works. In addition, Hispanic-American thought intellectuals rarely produce original profiles because there elements originate from the elements and motifs originally designed for the European thought. Meanwhile, philosophy and religion plays a critical role in ancient civilization, culture creation, and preservation in the sense that they not only bind, but also influence the societal structure, statutes, and personal lives. This paper documents the Mayan culture taking into consideration their civilization, ideologies, as well as their rituals.


Factors contributing to culture creation and preservation extend from geographical to a number of patterns. The origin of the Mayan culture from the central part of America gives the perfect example of socio-cultural effects, which even after several years, continue to exist. The review of Mayan gods, as well as their conquest by the Spanish holds confirms that religious factors ensure that the culture of the Mayan continues to thrive despite the influence by foreigners and the oppositions the Mayans faced.

Meanwhile, the Mayans’ mathematical and astronomical advances were far much ahead of the Ancient Romans. They had their own developed numeric system, boasting to be one of the first to formulate the zero concept way before the Greeks.…...

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