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Mid-Term Reflection paper

My main moral philosophy is to treat others the same you want to be treated, also known as the golden rule. I think if everyone followed this rule there would be less problems in the world today. The definition of morality is principles of right and wrong in conduct. So by following the golden rule you are being moral to the best of your knowledge. To not follow the golden rule a person is being immoral. Moral philosophy begins with your parents, but as a person gets older they should have a set of morals that they learn on their own and apply it everyday of their life. Morality is like your duty of life; it is what you ought to do.
Many people get most of their morality based on religious teachings. They use their religion as a guide for their own moral philosophy. My own morality isn’t based on religion a whole lot simply because I am not a very religious person. On the other hand for people that are religious I think religious teachings are a good set of values to base their own moral philosophy on. Half of my morality is probably based on cultural determinants. This is because I am surrounded by people all day every day and I watch how people interact with each other. Also culture has a big impact on everybody because it is a broad group of people acting in the same way, usually. If such a big group of people has the same morals it has a big impact on any individual.
I think your own morality allows you to judge the moral actions of others only if you are close to that person or live in the same society or have the same cultural background. A person that lives in a different society with different laws mostly leads to different moral perspectives. They may have different cultural values than someone from a different society and have two very different approaches to the same moral question. For a person to judge the…...