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The reason I went into Polysomnography was that felt I could make a difference in the quality of life

by correcting one’s sleeping issues. I have always felt compelled to help or make a difference in

someone’s life. There were so many ways to do that, but I felt that healthcare was the best way to fulfill

my mission. Health care is an amazing field and should not just be considered a way to get paid. I feel

my missions is to provide the best possible care to individuals in need no matter their religion, color of

their skin, status or illness.

I believe my philosophy is all health professionals are obligated to give all mankind the best patient

care possible. I see patients not as a statistic or illness, but as people needing a special center of

attention unique to each patient. Sleep technicians must always use sound medical decisions when

treating individuals. As a health professional I feel that it is necessary to promote a healthy lifestyle to

our patient in order for them to become more aware about their health and to help them do more on

their own to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves and those they love.

As a sleep tech or as any type of health professional, patient confidentiality is of utmost importance.

Sleep techs are responsible for educating patient and their loved ones about the disorders of sleep, how

it is treated, ways to create better sleep hygiene and the negative effects it has on the body if left

untreated. As health professionals, we should also follow the same things we preach to patients about

living healthy lives and taking care of our own health. As the saying goes “Practice what you preach”.

Sleep techs must always keep up to date with new technology and treatment advances in order to

keep their skill…...