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Philosphy of Nursing

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This philosophy of nursing is assimilation of the author’s beliefs in regards of the metaparadigm through experience and understanding of knowledge. The author looks at the fundamental level, a theory which encompasses all or most theories. Attempts to view the theory as an interplay of energy, while looking at it in an atomic level. With the patient being the nucleus the primary structure and concentration of high energy while health and environment as different valence rings each holding electrons which are constantly moving in all possible directions all while orbiting around the nucleus. The space between the nucleus and the valence rings is nursing the spatial potential energy which unites the structure creating larger matter and ultimately the final product, the present material world (Seagar & Slabaugh, 2010). At the base of all matter is consciousness (Garon, 2011), therefore the universal fabric is conscious. A philosophy of nursing should be derived from laws that governing the universe and that is what the author attempts to do.
Human Beings
Human beings as defined by the writer are closely related to the understanding of human beings derived from humanistic nursing theorist specifically Martha E Rogers and Margaret Neumann. These theorist understood that human beings at a fundamental level are more than their biological makeup, they are consciousness. Sentient beings, or energy fields that are made up of patterns, holographic patterns meaning if one was to take any aspect of their life and put under a theoretical microscope they would see the pattern repeat itself infinitely no matter the sample size (Garon, 2011). Human are dynamic, holistic beings who carry with them a life time of experience that has shaped who they are at the present point. These experiences take shape in the form of culture, beliefs, values, even...

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