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Re-Organization and Layoff: Issue and Problem Identification Paper
June 29, 2015
Learning Team A
Richard Haines

Management positions are tough as it is, but how does a member of the management team handle the tough decisions that they have discovered will be the best for their company? Layoffs and downsizing are never an easy topic to tackle. How does a manager deliver this type of bad news in the most professional way?

The issue that was presented in the article “Mismanaged layoffs can go horribly wrong” was companies and their management teams are not able to layoff or terminate an employee or employees in the appropriate way. The author of the article feels as management is not able to handle these types of situations in a professional manner. Members of management often have great people skills, which are either something they were born with, or something they have learned throughout their lifetime, but when faced with the challenging situation of letting an employee go they are unable to say the right things.

With proper training of these tough situations, managers will be able to handle these types of situations in a more professional manner. Managers need to be able to put themselves in the employee’s shoes and speak to the employee as if they were on the other side of the conversation. Mangers should also explore every option within the company before taking the action to layoff or terminate an employee. Documentation is key when preparing to layoff or terminate an employee. If a manger does not document an employees behaviors or put some type of disciplinary action for the employee, how will the employee ever have the chance to correct the issue if there is one there?

Together our team agreed that a company should have a solid plan on how to face tough situations as the article mentioned. A solid...

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