Phl 458 Refining Solutions

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PHL 458 Week Three Refining Resolutions
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Refining Solutions
It is essential to refine ideas and solutions to find the highest quality solution to a problem. The creative thinking process is used to produce ideas but the critical thinking process is used to evaluate and refine ideas and solutions. Applying criticism to ideas and solutions reduces the risk for error and makes good ideas even better (Ruggiero, 2009). In this paper Arguments will be evaluated and revised resulting in a refined and final solution to the problem.
Original Issue
How do I find more personal time for myself without neglecting my friends and family? Or simply just taking a day to rest, relax or do something fun.
Through close observation of my family, friends and myself, I discovered some unhidden feelings of frustration. These feelings originated because of the lack of communication from me to my friends and family. Everyone that I care about are unaware of their demands on my time or how they made me feel when I was deployed and was unable to be there for birthdays, holidays or special occasions. I would get emails and letters in the mail when I was deployed and it was depressing see how much everyone depended on me to keep the family together and plan all the functions.
Initial Solutions
With the importance of having free time and being able to balance my time with family and friends, I dove into my imagination and brainstormed for solutions. Initial solutions included:
▪ Weekly dinners with my son
▪ Spend more time on Facebook chatting with family and friends
▪ Travel to my hometown only once a year
▪ simply tell everyone to learn how to figure out their own problems with me having to solve it for them
▪ create a calendar and schedule time for myself, family and friends
After defining all my initial solutions, I critically…...