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Unwrapping the Technology Standards

Rachel Boiano

EDU 225

Grand Canyon University

February 1, 2012

Unwrapping the Standards Technology today has been evolving for over twenty years from the first real breakthrough in the classroom in 1988 with having computers in the school. I remember going to school and being in kindergarten and playing learning games in one of the first Macintosh’s. I had some troubles with learning and reading and technology definitely helped me to be stronger in school. By the time I graduated from high school the internet was coming out and computers were very popular and the technology advanced rather rapidly. Technology changes the way students learn and the way teachers teach. The classroom has come a long way since the chalkboard and chalk. Today technology can help in many ways for teachers and students to learn and teach within a third grade classroom. Gone are the days of the older versions of computers and the blackboard. By third grade level students should know how to understand the necessary qualities of basic technology. (Bell, Sackes, Trundle) state “that the availability of a computer at home and a high socio-economic status were statistically significant predictors of children's baseline computer skills in kindergarten.”They also should know the basic concepts and understand how a technology grows and changes as well as helps us through our daily lives. Technology for the third grade should increase productivity, enhance the building of learning and inhibit creativity flow. (Burns, Hamm) state “The purpose of this classroom experiment was to compare the effects of virtual and concrete manipulative son student mathematical understanding of fractions and symmetry.” The Smart board in the classroom is one piece of technology that I find in the classroom very helpful for...

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