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Photos Prohibited in Islam


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Photos are one of the concepts that people believe to be a factor of keeping memories and nice moments. However, there are many arguments in Islamic Sharia with regards to the photography, thus there are many arguments concerning ‘’Allowing’’ or ‘’Prohibiting’’ Photos. Many ahaadeeth that were said by prophet Mohammed (PBUH) are being a reference and a proof for those viewing photography as a prohibited matter. This is because the ahaadeeth indicated that pictures of animated beings are illicit (haraam), no matter whether those are humans or other creations.
When a research is done on the sculptures in museums it is found out that in the times of “Jahiliyyah”(Ignorance-period before the religion of Islam was revealed) -especially during the eras of Roman and Byzantine States- most people showed utmost respect to sculptures and pictures to the level of worshipping them and were caught in the whirl of idol-worshipping. As a result, the idol-worshipping is considered to be haraam, since there is NO one else to worship other than Allah Almighty.
However the time has changed and in our modern time now with no more idol-worshipping, is Photos considered to be illicit? Is it haraam to take a photo or keep a photo as a memory? All these questions would be uncovered in the following sentences. A deep discussion about photography and its Islamic judgment will be included in order to understand the case from different perspectives.
Body / Discussion:
A common doubt is that the use of pictures during the blessed time of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) could have become the source of idol-worshiping, but in our time, pictures may serve many purposes such as establishing identity of criminals, advertising trademarks, meeting friends and relatives, investigating events and circumstances and numerous other things. For this reason, it has been included in one of

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