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Flash and Photoshop Exam Study Guide

Flash Definitions
Actions Panel: The panel where you create and edit actions for an object or a frame
Adobe Flash CS3: A development tool that allows you to create compelling interactive experiences, often by using animation
Frames: Individual cells that make up the timeline in flash
Gradient: A color fill that makes a gradual transition from one color to another causing the colors to blend into one another
Graphics Interchange Format (GIF): A graphics file format that creates compressed bitmap images. GIF graphics are viewable on the web
Instances: Editable copies of symbols that are placed n the stage
Keyframe: A frame that signifies a change in a movie, such as the end of an animation
Layers: Rows on the timeline that are used to organize and that allow the stacking of objects on the stage.
Motion Guide: Feature that allows you to draw a path and attach motion- tweened animations to the path. A motion guide has its own layer
Pixel: Each dot in a bitmap graphic. Pixels have an exact position on the screen
Property Inspector: A panel that allows you to display and edit the properties of a selected object or frame.
Raster Image: An image based on pixels, rather than mathematical formulas also referred to as a bitmap image.
Stage: The area of the flash workspace that contains the objects that are part of the movie and that will be seen by the viewers.
Vector Image: A container that holds information and is used in Action Script code
Workspace: The area in the flash program window where you work with documents, movies, tools, and panels.

Photoshop definitions
Action: A series of tasks that you record and save to play back later as a single command
Anchor points: Small square handles, similar to fastening points that connect straight or curved line segments
Background Color: Used to make gradient fills and to fill in areas of an image that has been erased. Default color is black in white
Background Eraser Tool: Used to selectively remove pixels from an image, the erased areas become transparent.
Bitmap: A geometric arrangement of different color dots on a rectangular grid.
Brightness: The measurement of relative lightness or darkness of a color percentage from 0% to 100%
Clipboard: Temporary storage area, provided by your operating system, for cut and copied data
Color Picker: A feature that’s lets you choose from a color spectrum
Color Sampler Tool: Feature that samples and stores up to four distinct color samplers. Want to save specific color for future use.
Contiguous: Items that are next to another
Deselect: A command that removes the marquee from an area, so it is no longer selected.
Flattening: Merges all visible layers into one layer, named the background layer, and deletes all hidden layers, greatly reducing file size
Foreground Color: Used to paint, fill, and stroke selections. The default foreground color is black
Magic Eraser Tool: Used to erase areas in an image that has similar- colored pixels
Magic Wand Tool: Used to choose pixels that are similar to the ones where you first click in an image.
Marquee: A series of dotted lines indicating selected area that can be edited or dragged into another image
Pixel: Each dot in a bitmapped image that represents a color or shade
RGB Image: Image that contains three colors channels one each for red, green, and blue.
Sans serif fonts: fonts that do not have tails or strokes at the end of characters; commonly used in headlines
Serif Fonts: fonts that have a tail, or a stroke at the end of some characters
Vector graphics: Image made up of lines and curves defined by mathematical objects.

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