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Physical Development in Middle Adulthood

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Physical Development in Middle Adulthood
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July 20, 2015
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Physical Development in Middle Adulthood

Middle age, the space on the timeline of life that surpasses young adulthood, but has yet to plunge into those good old golden years, bring about changes that are expected and unexpected to every living being and occurs within the age range of 45- 65 years of existence. During this phase many use the excuse of “mid-life crisis” to cover up the changes that are bound to happen organically with or without expectancy. In this paper, we will explore the various alterations within this frame of life.
There are constant changes your body goes through when you reach a certain age that can affect your health. Illnesses such as: Diabetes, cancer, hypertension (high blood pressure), complications in the kidneys and gallstones. Studies show that people with lower incomes are more likely to acquire more health problems than those who are blessed with better finances, due to the lack of proper insurance coverage. Many of these problems are hereditary or can occur from unhealthy dieting. Eating healthy and exercising can help eliminate some of the risk of getting these health problems. Also, regular check-ups from an assigned physician can help detect health problems before they become incurable. Whether the conversation is about female menopause or the male climacteric stage, the discussion is definitely middle aged occurrences in the human life cycle. These milestones for both men and women, trigger an evaluation of a person’s life by that individual. How smoothly the transition takes place is dependent on the overall stability of said person mentally and emotionally. Their self-image is a determinant of successful transitioning as well. For the most part,...

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