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Physical Security Operations

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October 29, 2012
Terence Hunt, MSS, CPP

To understand the importance of physical security is the security of people and technology. The use of physical security consists if a series if actions that are used to protect someone against unwanted or illegal invasion. There are three levels of physical security which are the security practitioner should be concerned with. They are the outer perimeter, inner perimeter, and the interior.
Your actual property line defines the outer perimeter. In controlling the outer you must control who can drive/walk onto your property. You can use barbed wire fence, a guard shack. You need to weigh the risk of an intruder entering your property and the cost of the available physical security measure.
There are two concepts involved in perimeter security, which is Natural Access Control and Territorial Reinforcement. Natural Access Control is the use of building and landscaping features to guide the people as they and enter/exit a space. You all also want to discourage intruders to close any and all potential exits. potential (1) Clearly defined entrances the first thing to the access control is the approach to your area. That is can a car drive onto your property without it being notice? If this does happen that means you need to consider of using curbs, barriers, gates to direct the traffic to a single control area. A guard shack would be a good deterrent to any intruder. Now there is the foot traffic to consider now. Can an unauthorized person walk into your building without being noticed? There should be at least one entrance to the building and the foot traffic should be direct to a receptionist or guard shack. Roof access is another problem are for the building. The only ones that should direct access to the roof is the...

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