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Physical Security Plan

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Perimeter Protection

As the Security Manager of Palm Beach Marina Cove (PBMC), I was informed that there will be an expansion to the existing condominium. PBMC II will be built next to PBMC on the east side of the property near the seawall. ABC construction will be the lead company to erect the PBMC II. A construction site has a high probability of internal and external threats. With the ongoing construction, we must put in place a perimeter protection plan. The perimeter protection plan must include best practices in perimeter protection for a construction site that integrates with the contiguous existing building, properly safeguard the perimeter of both sites during construction, my recommendations, and a budget for all recommendations. The protection plan will come with a price but we need to ensure the safety of all the residents of PBMC, but also take into considerations of ABC constructions equipment and materials.

With undertaking of this huge project, we must look at the best practices for the construction site that integrates with the contiguous existing building. The first step in this process will ensure that the individuals that are working on the construction site will have a complete background check. The background check will be conducted by ABC Construction. If the employee is suitable to work on the site, he will be issued a badge with his or her picture on the card. If the individual is not suitable for the work site, then he or she will not be allowed on the site for any reason. This is practice ensures these individuals have a good character to work at the construction site. It also gives our tenants the peace of mind that the workers are trustworthy. The next step of this process is having specific roads going in and out of the construction site. By having this practice limits the access to the construction…...

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