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Figure 1. Sellers, J. (2013). Physical Therapy
Figure 1. Sellers, J. (2013). Physical Therapy
By: Corbin Felts
By: Corbin Felts
Communicating Effectively in the Field of Physical Therapy
Communicating Effectively in the Field of Physical Therapy

Injuries cannot be avoided in the world of competitive sports. Of course, when injuries occur, they must be treated. The significance and type of injury can vary but it is the physical therapist’s responsibility to insure quality treatment. The duties of a physical therapist include evaluating, diagnosing, and documenting the type of injury(s), as well as prescribing appropriate treatment. Writing in the field of physical therapy plays a key role to the success of a patient’s wellbeing as well as a physical therapist’s career. When giving your written diagnosis and treatment plans, the accuracy and articulation of your writing holds the key to either a speedy recovery or the risk of further injury. Physical therapists must stress the importance of being able to communicate with patients both orally and in writing.
Injuries cannot be avoided in the world of competitive sports. Of course, when injuries occur, they must be treated. The significance and type of injury can vary but it is the physical therapist’s responsibility to insure quality treatment. The duties of a physical therapist include evaluating, diagnosing, and documenting the type of injury(s), as well as prescribing appropriate treatment. Writing in the field of physical therapy plays a key role to the success of a patient’s wellbeing as well as a physical therapist’s career. When giving your written diagnosis and treatment plans, the accuracy and articulation of your writing holds the key to either a speedy recovery or the risk of further injury. Physical therapists must stress the importance of being able to communicate with patients both orally...

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