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Piaget Expirement

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I replicated Piagets conversations task on a three and a half year old girl named Juju. I had Juju sit down in a chair across the table from me. I told her I was going to ask her a few questions and she had to tell me the answer she thought. For the first conversation, I had two equal glasses of water sitting in front of her. I asked her if she thought the glasses of water were equal or if they were different sizes. She told me they were both equal is size. Then right in front of her, I poured one glass of water in a taller and narrower glass. I asked her if the glasses were different sizes or if they were equal. She responded by pointing at the taller and narrower glass claiming it had more water in it. The second conversation consisted of two equal lines of quarters. I asked her if the lines were equal or if one line was longer than the other. She replied yes that she thought they were equal. Next I increased the spacing of the second line of checkers and asked her if she thought the lines were equal or that one line had more quarters in it. She focused on it for a little bit, but was very distracted. She then replied that the second line with more space in between the quarters had more quarters. The third conversation task consisted of two equal balls of clay. I asked Juju if the balls of clay were equal or if one ball had more clay in it than the other ball. She looked at them closely but then replied that they were both equal. Then I squeezed one ball of clay in front of her into a flattened ball. I asked her if one had more clay or if they were of equal value. She told me that the longer, more flat clay had more clay in it. For the final conversation task, I placed two sticks of equal length and placed them side by side. I asked Juju which one was longer and she told me they were the same length. I moved one stick farther up the table and asked her the same…...

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