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Picard Pestel Analysis

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B. PESTEL analysis

The political factor:
There is a new government policy called “manger-bouger” which aims at prompting the youth to have a healthier way of life doing sports and having a balanced diet.

The economical factor:
The economic crisis has affected almost every industry in the world. Consumers find themselves with less money in their pocket. But the frozen food market is based on quite low and affordable products for all consumers so the risk that consumers find cheaper alternatives to eat is not that high. The levels in the industry sales should keep steady.

Nevertheless, the aspects of the economy that is most affecting the frozen food industry is the huge price increase of raw material since 2010. Distributors will have to reflect on their price this rise in order to keep their margin.

The social factor:
The “traditional” family scheme with the wife cooking for her husband and kids is disappearing because women are most of the time working as well. Women have therefore less time to cook but more and more men are cooking for the whole family. But more generally, people don’t spend so much time on preparing the food anymore. Yet, French hedonism on food is still a custom. Indeed, French consumers are very demanding for quality and diversity even if they do not have time to cook. Besides, because of a lower budget and of a need to eat fast working people tend to eat at the office where kitchen are provided.

Technological factor:
There is no new innovation on the market. Indeed, everyone can consume frozen food as 90% of houses have a freezer and 95% have a microwave.

But the internet is quickly becoming an important marketplace for consumers and distributors have to increase the use of online shops to win more market shares.

Environmental factor:
People are becoming more eco-friendly and there is an increasing demand...

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