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READ FIRST: I will teach you (for those who doesn't know this technique yet) how to find names of the professors you are looking for in this note. CTRL + F -- type the name of the professor on the white box on your upper right so that it'll be a whole lot easier and you no longer need to read the entire note :)

Hey, guys. As promised, here is the first part of the note about profs to pick and I made them in detail so that you will have a basis on why I recommended them. I will be editing this document every now and then to update you if ever I have more profs to recommend :) I will be including here some more profs maybe tomorrow or the next days. :) GUYS IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, COMMENT THEM HERE AND I WILL BE ANSWERING THEM THROUGH EDITING THIS DOCUMENT SO THAT THE ANSWER/COMMENT THAT I'LL BE RESEARCHING ABOUT THAT CERTAIN PROFESSOR WILL BE SHARED TO PEOPLE WITH COMMON QUESTIONS :) THANK YOU!!

KASPIL1 - Mr. Xiao Chua / Dr. Dery / Mr. Viktor Torres / Mr. Bascarra
KASPIL2 - Mr. Xiao Chua / Dr. Dery / Mr. Viktor Torres
- All of them are good in terms of grades & does not give heavy workload. Mr. Chua (for me) is the best choice but all of them are profs to pick because they’ll really make history fun for you. Grades are pretty high & all are sure pass if you’ll attend their class :) As for Mr. Bascarra, super chill and nice professor. He knows how to speak french, Italian, Spanish, and German! Just recite and you’ll get a 4.0 from him. Always attend class so you will be exempted for the midterms and finals. VERY GOOD PROFESSOR and it is beyond doubt that he’s a sure pass prof.

FILKOMU - Mr. David San Juan
- Gives really high grades. Super chill and cool prof! Like a friend in class and you’re going to enjoy being in his class. He’ll give a lot of readings but even if you will not read them, he is really kind and considerate and still give good grades. The lowest grade he gave was 3.5 in our class or 3.0?

FILDLAR - Mr. David San Juan / Ms. Sison-Buban / Mr. Correa
- Same comment for Mr. San Juan. As for Ms. Sison-Buban, she will require you to do 2 videos and that’s all, and you will translate some verses as part of the course but she gives good grades. Lowest was 2.0. But you will get a +.5 if perfect attendance! :) As for Mr. Correa, his class is fun. Gives high grades too and not that hassle but you need to comply with his requirements but if you want to make your life a whole lot easier, GO FOR HIM. So all of them are good profs :)

STATACC - Mr. Erickson Quijano
- He gives quizzes which are quite hard. But he gives really good grades at the end of the term "daw". Also, you will laugh every meeting. He's a funny funny prof! SWEAR. Sure pass too. Just attendance class and act as if you're listening ;)

ENGLRES - Ms. Borlongan / Mrs. De Guzman / Ms. Migallos / Ms. Parina / Ms. Sipacio
- Borlongan, gives high grades, chill, you will learn a lot, very approachable and nice prof. As for Ms. De Guzman, quite demanding. You think you'll fail but she's really really nice. You will learn a lot from her although sometimes, it gets boring. But she gives high grades and very considerate and fun! Migallos, Parina, and Sipacio are good profs as well. They are okay in terms of workload. They give high grades just do your part. Chill profs!

ENGLCOM - Ms. Dita / Mr. Hervas / Ms. Balgos
- They said that Dita is the best choice for ENGLCOM. Chill. Fun. High grades. Learn :) Same with Mr. Hervas and Ms. Balgos. All of them are kind, considerate, understanding, and generous! :)

ACTBAS1 - Mr. Crisostomo / Mr. Joven / Ms. Velasco
- Mr. Crisostomo gives good grades. Quizzes are not that hard but you need to study. Fun professor. :) Mr. Joven gives hard quizzes but you will learn in his class and gives fair enough grades so STUDY!! As for Ms. Velasco, she's a LEGEND. She is good for accounting majors because she really knows what she is teaching. She might be intimidating at first but when you get used to it, she's the BEST. Quizzes are so hard so it's possible not to pass any of her quizzes if you'll not study. Get her if you want to be challenged and this ain't ordinary challenge ;)

ACTBAS2 - Mr. Menaje / Mr. Mercado / Ms. Clerigo
- Mr. Menaje, gives fair with grades. VERY TRICKY & HARD QUIZZES. Don't give incentives. The only plus points you can get are the points if you will prepare PERFECT financial statements. Took him twice but you will NEVER REGRET taking him. You will learn a lot & YOU NEED HIM FOR THE QUALIFYING EXAM if you are a BSA Major. But be prepared. I might be able to help you too if you want to take him because I know how it is to be in his class + I have some old tests that you could really USE :) As for Mr. MERCADO, very funny prof. MODERATE QUIZZES. Okay when it comes to teaching. I was never in his class but I have heard from a lot of people that he's funny talaga and he's worth taking as well. Good grades too if you are fond of studying ;) Also, he adjusts depending on the highest grade in your class. As for Ms. Clerigo, sure pass prof. Not that "maarte" when it comes to folder/business case. Gives away powerpoints. If you want an easy prof, go for her. But she's not really for BSA Majors because she is quite boring and she doesn't teach that good as what I have heard. But when it comes to grades, I think she's lenient and she's nice + approachable.

ACTPACO - Mr. Gonzales / Mr. Menaje / Ms. Baluran / Ms. Velasco
-Same comment for Mr. Menaje and Ms. Velasco. As for Ms. Baluran, she's motherly but you need to do some self-studying. She's nice and a sure pass prof if you will let her feel that you want to listen to her. Quizzes are rather hard but she's really considerate. As for Mr. Gonzales, a cool prof (the fact na mohawk pa ang hair niya). Quizzes are rather hard and tricky but he teaches really well. Possible maka-4.0 if you understand fully what he is teaching but you really need to be careful when answering his quizzes. Also, he's considerate & fun. Adjusts grades too (depending on the highest grade among the people in his class).

ACTMANA - Mr. Magcale / Mr. Quijano
-Same comment for Mr. Quijano (see STATACC). As for Mr. Magcale, he really knows what he is teaching. Really good prof! Quizzes are do-able but you need to study! He is also kind and approachable just try your best while learning! In terms of grades, he's okay. FAIR & JUST.

OBLICON - Ms. Zenaida Manalo / Mr. Quan / Mr. De Jesus
-Ms. Manalo is a LEGEND. You do not need to recite much but have the book. She will really explain the certain things on the book through understandable example situations. She is really nice and fun class too! :) As for Mr. Quan, he gives very good grades. Not the hard. Fun prof too. :) Considerate + gives additional points. +.5 if perfect attendance. Even adjusts. Sure pass! Crossword puzzle exam & essay type quizzes but not that difficult. :) As for Mr. De Jesus, he's really nice, gives good grades, quizzes are okay and you will learn. He's not that harsh when it comes to recitation. :)

PARTCOR - Mr. Tolentino / Mr. Nethercott / Ms. Cruz
-TOLENTINO - Good grades. Kapag perfect attendance, sure pass na just listen to his lectures. Mahilig magbigay ng plus. Easy recitation questions, funny prof, a prof to pick REALLY :) As for NETHERCOTT, funny prof, Chill (as what I have heard), Checks attendance, Quizzes are from the book (definition most likely), Good grades. As for ROS, a prof for LEGMA people. Hard but you will really learn a lot & very very good at teaching. Fair with grades. As for J. CRUZ, super chill prof. Gives good grades but you need to read the book to learn! ;)

BUSMATH: Mr. Hapitan
-He's okay in terms of quizzes. He's not that harsh and his quizzes are not that hard as well. Sure pass too! Considerate professor but you need to study. You will learn naman something from him just listen to his lectures. :)

MARKET1 - Ms. Sanchez / Ms. Acosta
-Both of them are good in teaching and in grading. They give good grades and less hassle. Quizzes are not that hard. They are profs to pick. Some say Sanchez is better, some say Acosta. But over-all, they're quite the same. So I would recommend both. If you're under Sanchez, always recit because she has favoritism at times :) Gives easy midterms too :)

HUMALIT - Dr. Evasco / Mr. Espiritu
-Go for Dr. Evasco if you wanna learn BIGTIME in humalit. She's a good prof, but she makes you do a bit of work and reading. But she gives pretty good grades! You will do a lot of papers on different readings. There is also a final oral exam and a poetry recital. I enjoyed her class although many of my classmates dropped her. Well, it's their loss (I THINK). As for Mr. Espiritu, a very chill prof. Gives really good grades and he is not that demanding when it comes to papers and things. Fun class if you're under him :)

HUMAART - Mr. Darcy / Ms. Kabayao
-Mr. Darcy is a very cool prof. Likes saying bad word and really funny! Gives high grades too. He will make you build your own clay statue/masterpiece and you will have quizzes too but not that hard. Grades are really unexpected. :) Range: 3.0 - 4.0 :) As for Ms. Kabayao, super chill prof. Gives 4.0s! Very considerate and very kind. Hot prof too ;) Hahaha.

INTFILO - Sarza / Pantaleon / Dela Cruz / Mary Velasco
-Pantaleon gives really high grades (4.0 mostly). Chill and very nice prof. You will learn and you will enjoy the class. There's not so much on quizzes. A prof to pick ;) As for Dela Cruz, she gives pretty good grades too but quite boring at times. Chill prof too! :) As for Sarza, she also gives good grades and her teaching style is okay. You just need to listen in class which is hard :)) As for Velasco, a great prof. Grades will depend on how you listen in her class. You need to take down notes because it will be of really GREAT HELP sa mga quizzes. She's nice and considerate but you really need to listen to her lectures and take down notes. If you don't like writing notes, WOULDN'T RECOMMEND HER. :)

TREDTWO - Ms. Sayago / Fr. Dagmang / Mr. Raymundo / Mr. Mozol / Mr. Salcedo / Ms. Ancheta
-All of them are great profs. CHILL. FUN. LEARN. HIGH GRADES. NICE. They have it all ;)

COMALGE - Mr. Edmundo Perez
-An okay prof. Grades will depend on your quizzes. Rarely adjusts. Kind of boring so do some self studying. Not that good in spelling too.

PERSEF SUBJECTS - Ms. Marybeth Nave
-VERY COOL. All 4.0! ;) That's all I can say. REALLY REALLY COOL PROF!! SUPER FAB! She is into cosplaying, reporting on NEWSTV, and model! She's a mentor too in John Robert Powers! LIKE A FRIEND!

LBYACC1 / LBYACC2 - Mr. Villagracia / Mr. Quijano
-Same comment for Mr. Quijano (see STATACC) but he gives away 4.0 and 3.5 in Lab Accounting subjects (and other lab subjects under him). As for Mr. Villagracia, he is very very considerate. Like a kabarkada and he gives really good grades too! CHILL BUT DO YOUR WORK AND YOUR PART. Submit everything and you'll get a high grade :)

INTSOCI - Ms. San Juan
- the lowest grade she gave was 2.0 in our class. There will be a midterm and final exam and you need to do some research papers but she is really considerate and very kind. Gives pretty high grades!! :) I must say that she's really a prof to pick. CHILL CHILL CHILL. :)


-She adjusts grades. Very nice professor. You will also learn in her class just listen. Quizzes are not that hard. You may approach her if you can't understand the lesson. Chill. :)

- She is a legend in marketing. She is like the counterpart of Elsie Velasco. Very hard but you will really learn bigtime. If you are a marketing or advertising major, you should get her. If not, I don't think so. :) To survive in her class means that you're good! ;) Grades will depend on how you exert effort in her class and how you will take the subject seriously. Also, for the final paper, just a tip, make it more than 10 pages ;)

- She is really considerate and sweet. She gives good grades too. She will not make you do a lot of things in class. I was under her in ECONONE and I find her okay. You will learn but she does not give powerpoints. Quizzes are not that hard :)

- If you want to learn + you want a fun prof + you want to get good grade = GO FOR HIM :) That's all I can say.

- gives good grades, kind of boring because she's old but very considerate and nice. But over-all, people say that Pangan is worth taking + a prof to pick! :)

- He will give you +10 in your FINAL GRADE when you attend a seminar/talk, quite demanding when it comes to papers, 2 very hard quizzes, you think you'll fail but at the end of the term, GRADES WORK LIKE MAGIC ;)

-She's demanding and you cannot afford to miss a class because you will do something every meeting. HASSLE but gives fair enough grades at the end of the term. You need to put effort.

- He fails students and not that good with grades. :)

- CHILL PROF. Take home quizzes. Cool prof. Adjusts grades. Easy midterms. Gives really good grades at the end of the term.

- Rarely adjusts & she also gives somehow hard quizzes. Although, you may learn something from her and she will discuss the topics thoroughly too. :) Grades will depend on your quizzes and homeworks (exercises on the workbook)

- Some say she's nice + sure pass but some also say that she's not. But one thing's for sure - you need to put effort if you're under her class and take the subject seriously ;) Grades depend on effort! She is really fair with it. It is also possible that you'll fail her class, get 1.0 or 1.5.

- Marc Spencer Sy is my prof in BUSORGA and I really had fun. He's quite green but you will learn in his class. He does not check attendance but you need to do some paperworks. He gives away all the powerpoints you need. Give high grades (just do your part and the papers) Oh, you also need to do a business case but by group. He's very cool. VERY VERY COOL :)

- Likes to give bonuses + gives good grades + you will learn something from his lectures = PROF TO PICK!! You're really lucky if you're under his class :)

- Most likely she gives 4.0 but it depends on how she treats your section. But most of the comments about her is that she gives high grades but really really boring.

-Chill. Gives high grades. Will not let you do a lot of things. Very considerate and fun prof. :)

- Both are sure pass and gives good grades. But the best choice will be Borromeo although both of these professors are okay too when it comes to teaching, grades, and attitude :)

- A very very chill prof and easy 4.0. Quizzes are easy (if there's any depending on her mood). Very considerate and kind. You will really like to be in her class. PROF TO PICK :)

- She's a good prof but quizzes are rather hard so you really need to study. It is possible to get the grade that most students want but you really need to exert effort in her class. :)

- Workload is okay. Gives high grades. Kind of boring because her voice is kind of soft. Quizzes are okay. Very kind and nice but the only problem that you'll really get bored! :))

- A very nice professor. You will never get bored in class although you need to do some talking since it's Speech and Communication. Gives good grades. Just be prepared with all the speeches ;)

- A sure 4.0 prof. He will not let you do a lot of work & doesn't give quizzes too. You will learn. A perfect choice ;)

- Gives really high grades. Very considerate professor. He will help you a lot with the things you need to do and very approachable and kind. Not much of a hassle. A very good choice if you want to have fun, get good grades, and learn without having the feeling of intimidation and pressure :)

- Pretty prof. Very kind but likes to have recitation every meeting. Always have the book because it will really come in handy during her class but you need to read the book ahead of time because recitation would be random. Grades fairly. Does not give so many 4.0s. Effort is needed :) No quizzes, just lots of recitation.

- A very kind prof. He does not give very hard quizzes. Grades are unexpectedly good. Just recite and be practical when answering. He is not the harsh instead he is very considerate. A PROF TO PICK. :)

- She is kind and motherly. She gives some of the answers to the workbook and she also gives powerpoints. Quizzes are moderate but some say that her quizzes are really hard (but I don't think so). You need to study for the course, sometimes by yourself. She likes telling real life stories. It's like every ppt slide has a story of her own. :))))) Grades are okay. She adjusts. And those under her said that she's a sure pass prof except if you are not attending class and your quizzes are really really low.

- Gives really high grades. Chill and very nice. Just do your work and it's okay. :) I recommended him already (look above) :)

-Fails students. Kind of hassle. :( Just try to avoid this professor as much as possible but if you're up for a challenge, then GO!

-Gives good enough grades. A bit hassle but not too much. You need to do the papers well. Sometimes you will make a lot of papers for 90 minutes and it's quite really complicated but this prof's really nice and grades are okay.

-A very very kind professor. Gives high grades. Recite when there's a chance to recite. Attendance, not so harsh. Quizzes are do-able and not that hard as how people could imagine. There are even times when you'll not have any quizzes at all (based on my sources) but most likely, you will :) Just do your part but over-all HE'S A PROF TO PICK!! GO GET HIM, REALLY :)

- He's teaching mods so that means that he's okay when it comes to teaching but some of my friends said that he's quite "sabog" at times but manageable and kind. Quizzes are kind of hard but do-able if you studied for them. Grades will depend on the results of your quizzes, midterms, finals :) FAIR ENOUGH. Effort's needed though.

- She is okay - kind. Teaches well enough. Not that intimidating and harsh. She's quite nice but quite hassle too. Grades fairly and adjusts too. You will learn and I must say that she's not a prof to avoid.

- Pretty prof. REALLY! But she's quite book-based so you really need to have the book (the green one) and grades fairly too. No quizzes, just random & hard recitations every meeting (and you need to answer well). You need to read the book ahead of time so you are capable of answering the questions she will ask. :) Typical.

- She is nice and gives good grades (but there are students that failed her class). Kind of boring but chill prof. Not that demanding. Do your part and everything will fall into place. :) Good prof just do all the requirements :)

- She has a downloaded lecture notes in Scribd :) She grades fairly but quizzes are rather hard (but not as hard as Ms. Velasco's). You really need to study in class. She knows what she is teaching so better listen although there are times where you'll be bored but that's conditional but every meeting is filled with learnings. Have the folder (where the exercises on the workbook will be compiled) and business case. Study because grades will depend on your performance and effort. Adjusts a little but not high. Gives incentives which you will need ;)

- Doesn't teach that well. Quizzes are rather hard but he adjusts. It's hard to learn in class so sometimes you need to do some self-studying which is hard. Some quizzes are take home and library work. Grades fairly but not that high. :(

- Very very kind and considerate. Quizzes are easy. Gives high enough grades. Discussions are all about the exercises on the workbook and some theories. Sure pass if you put a little effort in class. NOTE: If you're a BSA major, I wouldn't recommend him but if you're not, he's a good choice. :)

- Mr. Paderna is a good prof. He knows what he's teaching and he is really good. You need to listen and take down notes at times. He gives huge bonuses if perfect attendance so try not to be absent. Grades are okay. He is kind and very positive :)

- You will learn a lot in class (if you're listening) and likes telling stories of real life. Grades are fair enough too. Sometimes, you tend to get bored but try to listen as much as possible. A typical prof :) Not a prof to pick but not to avoid.

PERSEF: RJ MONATO - A very good professor and gives really high grades. Discusses for 30 minutes then game throughout so you will really enjoy every persef class. You will learn a lot from him as well. A perfect choice although persef professors are random so it's kind of rare to be in his class (Thank you Elvis Ngo for this recommendation)

GENDERS - ROSALLA DOMINGO - Very recommended. Very chill and gives high grades! You will learn too. They even said that she is very nice and considerate :) Not demanding! (Thank you, Angela Palmones for this recommendation).

- There's nothing much I could say about this professor but he's good at teaching. He is recommended by my friend who took him because he gives good enough grades at the end of the term. Not that hassle and an okay prof. He is not book-based. It'll be better to listen to him but over-all, he's okay.

- She is a sure pass prof and gives high grades. Quizzes are really easy but you need to do some self studying because she is really not that good at teaching. Do the exercises on the workbook. If you only want a sure pass prof, get her. If you want to really learn, then I wouldn't recomment her. If you're a BSA Major and it's your first take of ACTBAS2 or any Basic Accounting subjects, I wouldn't recommend her. :)

- Sure pass. Gives high grades. You will learn in his class. Fun but there are times where you'll get bored but he will try his best to let you focus. They said he's awesome and "the best". So I think he's a prof to recommend :)

-A sure pass professor. He is kind and considerate but kind of boring. Quizzes are either by group or open notes. He entertains questions while quiz time. Keep track of the syllabus because he follows the schedule there most likely. Teaches well and gives good grades at the end of the term.

- He is kind of intimidating. Gives hard quizzes too. Kind of hassle too. He does not adjust much and he gives fair enough grades -- grades will depend on quizzes and requirements. Gives incentives so grab the opportunity because you might need them to pass. Not that recommended (for me).
-Gives a systematic and thorough lecture and pays great attention to detail. If he likes the class there is a chance he will cancel you lowest quiz as to bump up your GPA. There is a chance to get a solid grade in his class if you show him that you're working hard and deserve the grade.

- He is a sure pass prof. Kind of hassle and you need to study. He is okay & considerate too. There are also times that he'll be leaving the room while you're having your quiz --- YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN :))

- He's okay. Gives good enough grades but not that high. Quizzes are moderately hard but he teaches well. He is not the friendly type of professor but he is good :)

- People say he's a terror prof but he's nice naman. But he fails students who really do not put any effort at all but most likely, SURE PASS. He gives really really hard quizzes. Likes telling stories. You need to do some self studying too. With regards to grades, FAIR ENOUGH.

-He gives fair enough grades as what people say (sometimes, they comment that he doesn't but most of them said that he is). Talkative in class & you wouldn't dare to go out while you'rei n his class. Don't be late if you don't want to sing. No quizzes, just midterms and finals. He is funny and approachable when outside the classroom, but when in class... take him seriously. Don't ever dare to sleep, doze off, or whatsoever because he will notice you.

- Grades will depend on your quizzes. Quizzes are out of this world. It's quite hard even if it's multiple choice most of the time. Well, always be prepared. You'll learn from him bigtime. But he does fail students.

INTFILO: MR. GOJOCCO- This prof is cool but you really need to be attentive. Do well in everythig that he will ask you to do. He knows what he is talking about most of the time. Grades depend on effort. Does not give 4.0 that much. He fails students so take his subjects seriously ;)

- She gives away 4.0! COOL PROF. VERY COOL. She teaches Basketball. Even if you're not that good, you'll receive a grade of 3.5 - 4.0 :)

- What can I say? Hmm. Sure 4.0 ;)

SCIMATB (and other Science related subjects): MS. FLORES - Chill. Gives high grades. - --- Requirements are not that hard. Quizzes? Not so. She is considerate as ever. She's very kind too! I highly recommend her since some Science professors give away low grades.

-Sure pass. Easy 3.5 - 4.0. Very considerate, fun and kind. A great prof! you'll learn a lot and enjoy a lot ;)

FINMAN2: ELEAZAR, VIVIAN - Likes giving away quizzes for FINMAN2 but she adjusts grades. Very considerate and kind too. Recitations? Not much. Doesn't give away so many 4.0s since your grade will really depend on effort. She gives incentives too if an organization will ask her to give such. Over-all, she's nice. I would recommend her but still, study for the quizzes. But, she's a sure pass prof. :) Not that chill but not that hassle as well. Her way of teaching is typical too :)

-Hindi mahilig magparecite. Quizzes are rather hard pero most likely T/F at multiple choice lang. Some say boring pero most of them say na masayang prof yan. I'm not sure if he curves grades eh but he's good raw. Nice and considerate too. :)

FILDLAR: Dr. Emma Sison
-Takes the matter of Fildlar very seriously, and your grade will be heavily weighted on her quizzes and midterm exam. Project paper and defense in place of a final exam. Mediocre performance in the tests but a good final paper can merit you a 2.0

ENGLCOM: Rentillo, Phillip
-Chill professor overall, his class is just a matter of attendance and doing fairly well in his quizzes. Gives decent grades, and is definitely a prof to pick.

TRED SUBJECTS: Gabe, Melchor Giovanni
-He doesn't give many tests or quizzes, rather lets his students make presentations and teach each other. Not difficult to get a 3.0-4.0 in his class if he knows you and you can consistently recite and contribute to the lecture.

HUMABEH: Gaerlan, Martin
-Very nice guy, has held management position in various companies so he definitely knows what he's talking about concerning his subject. Moderately difficult quizzes and his final exam is a project paper and presentation. He is a prof to pick if you want to learn from someone who has qualifications in the field of management. His grades will range from 2-3.5 depending more on your final project and attendance and class participation.
- He makes you recite for 30 mins or more depending on his contentment as to your answers. Most of BSA acquaintances dropped him when they knew that he'll be our professor for Negotin since they failed in OBLICON (although our grade requirement for that subject is 2.0). He is kind of intimidating but he's okay. However, he's not that sure pass and you really need to read the book. All quizzes are surprise ones and in essay form (2 questions only). But the midterm and finals have T/F, multiple choice, and essay. You really need to work for your grade and READ.

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Picking Cotton

...Picking Cotton In the past decade, eyewitness testimonies have cast a shadow on what is wrong with the justice system in today’s society. Before we had the advanced technology, we have today, eyewitness testimonies were solid cold-hard facts when it came to proving the defendant was guilty. However, time has changed and eyewitness testimonies have proven to be the leading causes of wrongful convictions due to misidentification. The Thompson and Cotton case is a perfect example of how eyewitness testimonies can put an innocent man behind bars. Jennifer Thompson was your average young independent adult trying to earn a degree at Elon College in Burlington, North Carolina. She had a boyfriend, Paul, who commuted from Burlington to Chapel Hill, where he was a first year business student at University of North Carolina. Only being twenty-two years, she had her life ahead of her until one late July night in 1984. Jennifer Thompson was sleeping alone in her apartment, when she suddenly woke up by a strange noise that turned out to be a stranger breaking into her apartment. The intruder held her a knife to her throat and proceeded to rape her. With no chance of escaping the attacker, she did the only thing she thought she could do and that was to analyze the intruder’s physical characteristics and facial features to her best ability so authorities could catch the perpetrator. Jennifer outwits the attacker and lives to tell about the night she can never forget. When Jennifer was......

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...CURRICULUM VITAE John Robinson Present Position: Professor, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sydney. Degrees: University of Queensland, B.Sc. (1961) University of Queensland, B.Sc. (Hons II, 1, Mathematics)(1963). University of Sydney, Ph.D. (Mathematical Statistics)(1969). Thesis title: ”Mixtures of Distributions”. Honours: 1984: Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute. 1990: Elected Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. 2008: Awarded the Pitman Medal of the Statistical Society of Australia. Positions held: Biometrician, Queensland Department of Primary Industry, 1961-1964. Lecturer, Biometry Section, Department of Agriculture, University of Sydney, 1964-1966. Lecturer, Department of Mathematical Statistics, University of Sydney, 19661971. Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematical Statistics, University of Sydney, 1972-1982. Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Statistics, University of Sydney, 1983-1991. Professor, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sydney, 1991Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Connecticut, 1969-1970. Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Waterloo, Canada, 1975-1976. Visiting Lecturer, Department of Statistics, University of California, Berkeley, 1979-1980. Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Rochester, NY, 1986, January-July. Administration: Head of Department of Mathematical......

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Picking Cotton

...Shelton Harris PSY-150-01 Picking Cotton by Jennifer Thompson-Cannino and Ronald Cotton With Erin Torneo St. Martin’s Press, 2009 Picking Cotton was an extremely well read. I also enjoyed the fact that it took place in North Carolina, particularly Burlington. The books other settings include various prisons in the North Carolina/Tennessee areas. The main idea of the book is based off of the events that happened around 3:00 a.m., one hot Sunday morning in July of 1984. Jennifer Thompson-Cannino (then just Jennifer Thompson), a Caucasian college student in the area, was awakened by an African-American in her apartment, and eventually taunted and raped. Although one might say that Jennifer is the main focus of the book, another might say the main focus is on another individual: Ronald Cotton; the man accused of the crimes against Jennifer Thompson and eventually another woman, by the name of Mary Reynolds, who, in my opinion, holds a generally insignificant role in the book. Jennifer Thompson was fairly short and blonde haired, I believe I read that she was nineteen at the time. She seemed like any other normal college female, it didn’t seem as though she was one to stand out in a crowd, her personality seemed polite, and she had “normal” relationships with friends, family and her boyfriend at the time: Paul, who was from Burlington, but was enrolled in school in Chapel Hill. She did some partying, occasionally, and dabbled in illegal drugs. However, in my......

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Automated Case Picking

...AUTOMATED CASE PICKING: The next big thing in warehouse automation After setting a firm base in Europe, Automated case picking is gaining ground in US where the number of successful implementations is growing at a rapid pace. Background: Order Picking: Order picking is usually the most recommended among the warehouse processes due to its nature to generate more outbound transactions than inbound transactions. Moreover, it leads to greater customer satisfaction. Productivity in order picking is measured by the pick rate. The three types of picking operations are case pick, piece pick and pallet pick operations. Case pick operations measure no of cases per hour and no of line items per hour. Automated case picking: Automated case picking enables fully automated order picking of a wide range of products and includes a set of technologies aiming at automation of the traditional case picking process. The food and beverage industries have been the major benefactors. Moreover, ACP solutions are increasingly utilized by sectors like retail and soft goods as it answers the challenges of retail distribution. It is suitable for most types of packaging including shrink wrapped products. Advantages of automated case picking over traditional case picking: * 40% lower costs compared to traditional picking methods * Lesser requirement of floor space and shorter lead time * Minimal ergonomic and safety risks * Optimized replenishment strategies leading to improved......

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...option since some students enjoy out of school learning rather than studying for finals” * “This is a great option. However, due to time constraints, it is not possible for many students to take advantage of it” * “This offers hands-on work and real experience, and the two choices [volunteer decision for participating or not participating] make the whole class happy” * “I was able to get a feel for the marketing field in the experiential group” * “Experiential teams were “really” helpful” 4. Opinion of Other Participants Other specific participants included the Graduate Assistants that aided the authors with the quantitative research, client participants that were not specifically the client representative, and other professors that provided advice during the research process. Their feedback during the course of the research process helped to formulate the perspectives shared by the authors of this paper. Opinions About Courses Taught at Monmouth University 1. The Instructor’s Perspective While the Monmouth Entrepreneurial Studies Program is popular with students (see below), the instructor found that the classes are not particularly scalable to other instructors and a program expansion in its current form. Instructors for this type of program need a special commitment and relevant entrepreneurial experience. The instructor’s workload is considerably more than a class without the entrepreneurial component. A specific communication system needs to be......

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...CURRICULUM VITAE Professor Patit Paban Mishra, an Indian national was educated in Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Rabindra Bharati University. Professor Mishra’s main area of research lies in history , international relations and Asian studies. After retirement from Sambalpur University, Orissa, India; as a Professor in 2011, he took up assignment as visiting Professor at Northern University of Malaysia(UUM). CURRENT DESIGNATION Visiting Professor, UUM College of Law, Government and International Studies (COLGIS) Universiti Utara Malaysia 06010 UUM Sintok, Kedah DA, Malaysia. Malaysian phone numbers are , +60149344425, +60108049347. E-mail, and/or ACADEMIC/RESEARCH/TEACHING INTEREST History, international relations and Asian studies. ------------------------------------------------- EDUCATION ------------------------------------------------- D. Litt.(1998) Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta, Orissa in Trans-National Migration: A Study of Culture in Transit. ------------------------------------------------- Ph.D.(1979)Centre for South, Southeast and Central Asian Studies, J.N.U., New Delhi, ------------------------------------------------- The Problem of Laos: Its international dimensions since the Geneva Conference respectively. ------------------------------------------------- M.Phil (1972) Centre for South, Southeast and Central Asian Studies, J.N.U., New Delhi, The Pathet Lao...

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...Module: | Integration 1 (Markstrat) | Professor: | Suman Modwel | Program: | Solvay Ponts MBA | Course dates: | June 23-26, 2014 | Professor Bio + Contact information (approx. 1 paragraph): Dr. Suman Modwel is the Emeritus Professor of Business Policy at the ENPC School of International Management, Paris. Formerly in the Indian Administrative Service of India where he had the privileged opportunity of participating in the development process of his country both at the district and national policy making levels, especially in the international trade policy area as Director General of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade and as Chairman of a very large public sector conglomerate (50000 employees) in the textile sector. Suman Modwel holds a PhD from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Paris (Sciences-Po), with "habilitation nationale" to supervise doctoral research in sciences économiques, and an MSc in Mathematics from Allahabad University, India. He has published widely (see for detailed CV) | Course Description (please list any pre-requisite(s) and maximum number of students, if applicable): Markstrat is a simulation that has primarily been designed for teaching strategic marketing concepts, but has other equally significant learning experiences of an integrative nature. Used in combination with more traditional training methods such as lectures, discussions or case......

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...Period 7 Captain Wolf The poem starts with a brief description of the maturing of blackberries, “Late August, given heavy rain and sun/ For a full week, the blackberries would ripen”. The speaker then begins talking about the beauty of this fruit when they are at their peak, which make him ramble about the wonderful act of picking blackberries. The poem moves on from talking about beautiful and astonishing things to the frustrating event that takes place once the blackberries are picked out of the bushes. The speaker describes how the once vivid fruits ferment and eventually rot, which makes him very miserable because he would pick blackberries every year knowing that they would perish. Through the detailed descriptions of the blackberries and the simple act of picking them the poem reflects on the course of life and the inevitable passage of it, from a joyful childhood and youth to a devastating senescence giving it the theme of justice of life. In Seamus Heaney “Blackberry-Picking” the author compares the plain act of picking blackberries to the unstoppable cycle of life. The whole poem is an extended metaphor that compares the act of picking blackberries to the process of life. The poem is composed of two uneven stanzas in which the first one, which is the longer one, is used to reflect the best years of one’s life, the early years when everything is amusing and stunning. The poet includes imagery in the first stanza to aid in the understanding of these beautiful......

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...Marie Kight Accounting and Finance Professor Jackson Chapter 1 – Problems: 4, 6, 10, 12 Problem (4) Sale of equipment with a book value of $300,000 for $500,000 cash. Increase assets by 200,000. Increase owner’s equity by 200,000 (gain of 200,000) Purchase of a new $80 million building, financed 40 percent with cash and 60 percent with a bank loan. Increase assets by $48 million. Increase Liabilities by $48 million. (80 million * 60%; the 40% is asset for asset) Purchase of a new building for $60 million cash. No change. (One asset for another asset) A $40,000 payment to trade creditors. Assets decrease by $40,000. Liabilities decrease by $40,000. A firm's repurchase of 10,000 shares of its own stock at a price of $24 per share. Assets decrease by $240,000. Owner’s equity decreases by $240,000. Sale of merchandise for $80,000 in cash. Both assets and owners equity will increase by $80,000; sales is a revenue account which will increase owners equity and cash is an asset account. Note: There will be another entry later for COGS that should decrease the amount. Sale of merchandise for $120,000 on credit. Both assets and owners equity will increase by $120,000; sales is a revenue account which will increase owners equity and accounts receivable is an asset account. Note: There will be another entry later for COGS that should decrease the amount. Dividend payment to shareholders of $50,000 Decrease assets by $50,000. Decrease...

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After Apple Picking

...After Apple Picking in Comparison to the Modern Time Period The Victorian time period takes place before the Modern time period. The Victorian period questions what everybody believed to be true. The people in that time period believed that things were easier before and how hard things are becoming now. Industrialization is coming and people are expressing amounts of negativity towards it. This period eventually leads in to a new time period, known as the Modern time period. The Modern time period is from the years 1910-1930, and reflects change from the Victorian period. A poem that is representative of the Modern time period is After Apple Picking by Robert Frost. After Apple Picking is about a man who picks apples for a living. One day he looks through a piece of glass and visualizes the world in front of him. He has had a long day and begins to doze off. He wonders what he will be dreaming about once he goes to sleep. He daydreams about apples being processed in the factories and also wonders whether he will go to bed until the morning or go to bed forever. The man wonders whether it will be a “long sleep, as I describe it coming on, / Or just some human sleep” (Frost 41-42). When the speaker discusses going to sleep forever he is not referring to death, as some people may think. He is really just debating whether the apple harvest will be over for the season or how many potential days are left in the season. It also demonstrates that the man in the poem has a very......

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Picking Cotton

...The People Behind Picking Cotton University of Kentucky Abstract Within the novel, Picking Cotton, the issue of misconceptions and false eye witness accounts comes into play. On a warm June night in 1984, Jennifer Thompson woke up to find a man in her room and was then forcefully raped by him. Throughout the incident, Jennifer continued to analyze the man raping her in hopes of guaranteeing he was brought to justice. She looked at his facial features and clothing and body type. When it came time to chose someone out of the lineup, she was 100% sure that she had chosen the correct perpetrator- Ronald Cotton. After Ronald is convicted and sent to jail, Jennifer begins to rebuild her life while Ronald’s life begins to fall apart. The story then switches to the point of view of Ronald, who explains his side of the story and emphasizes his innocence. It was not until DNA testing came around that Ronald was able to truly prove his innocence. The overlaying theme of this story is that Jennifer’s eyewitness account was so strong that a jury believed, without a doubt, that Ronald Cotton was the man responsible for the rape of Jennifer Thompson. This certainty was quickly dispelled by DNA testing and brings about the problem of misconceptions. Jennifer thoroughly believed that Ronald was her rapist and this proves how easily it is for people to misidentify features of different races. It also helps to disprove eye witness accounts (Thompson-Cannino & Cotton, 2009,......

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Blackberry Picking

...D Moreno Blackberry picking Nature can be easily compared to human beings. Both of them experience growth, development, and perish in a similar manner. Just as human beings enjoy their youth and cherish it throughout the rest of their lives; similarly, nature, in this case blackberries are seen as being appealing when they are fresh. With the use of similes and metaphors, Seamus Heaney compares the experience of picking blackberries with life itself. The reader is able to imagine the cycle of life, all the way from childhood to aging, the same way a blackberry’s own cycle from being fresh to rotten. Human beings treasure their memories of youth and many times wish they could return to that period of time. When Heaney says, “You ate that first one and its flesh was sweet” the reader gets to perceive the image of how he remembers that time in which he could enjoy eating the fresh blackberries. Enjoying eating this fruit can be referring to a childhood in which new experiences would seem as being thrilling. As the poem continues to develop, the blackberries appearance starts to worsen “a rat-grey fungus glutting on our cache the juice was stinking too”. As time passes by, the fruit gets to start getting rotten and to emit an unpleasant smell. The scent of an old fruit can then be compared to an elder whose hygiene is not what it used to be when he had greater mobility or health. The image created by a blackberry from the moment of being picked up to the rotting...

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Life After Apple Picking

...Life After Apple Picking Like a lot of poetry Robert Frost's “After Apple Picking” does not come to a straightforward conclusion at the end of its literary journey, however, much can be said about the change in meaning within the poem from beginning to conclusion. At first glance, “After Apple Picking” seems like a straightforward poem about a person finishing their days work of picking apples. I intend to show that this is not the case at all and that Frost's poem progressively shifts throughout its entirety from a simple poem about apple picking to a literary piece about mortality. This journey will consist of four sections an introduction, a reflection, a realization and finally end with the acceptance of death. As stated above the first six lines showcase a very simple situation about a person completing their apple picking for the day. This simple situation that Frost outlines for the reader is the introduction to the poems overall journey. The introduction, outlines the central focus of the poem, which is apple picking and most importantly provides the reader with a sense of what is to come. There are in fact many hints that provide the reader with more insight into this sense of what is to come. The first line of the poem provides the reader with a picture of a ladder resting against a tree but it is not until the second line when that ladder is paired with the mention of heaven that the image of death is revealed. These images are......

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