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Pico School Analysis

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Pico School Analysis
What is the foundation of effective leadership? Reshaping the Path to School Leadership offers insight into the elements of school leadership by offering a case study through the political, human resource, symbolic, and structural frames. Analyzing this school and its framework offers the reader an opportunity to grow in leadership through the journey at Pico School. As the new principal and teacher begin to understand the structure of the school, they come to understand the norms in each frame of leadership. In the political frame the new principal, Jamie, becomes disappointed when his speech is not well received regarding the new school year. He had inadvertently offended veteran teachers with his personal vision statement before understanding the school’s status quo, which had been an environment of complacency. The human resources frame was an environment of severe concern with the new principal. He noticed signs of hostility varying from ethnic slurs to anonymous letters attacking him. As the year progressed, this frame was in a continuous state of flux. The system of structure continued to change throughout the school year, particularly the discipline program and the NCLB policies. As expectations changed, teachers were openly resistant and felt threatened. This norm needed to be addressed in order to begin the process of moving on from the constant presence of his reputation.
The symbolic frame is present in the form of the former principal, Phil Bailey. His presence is felt throughout the school in spite of the positive changes the new principal attempts to implement. The norm was referring to his symbolic representation.
The espoused values present in the Pico School can be seen in all four of the leadership frames. In the political frame, it appears everyone has different views as to what the school should be about. Each...

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