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Introduction Qatar Olympic committee (QOC) is one of the governmental organizations in Qatar. It is a non-profit authorization that was formed in 1979. QOC has about 1000 employees in its main building in Al-Daffna in addition to the employees of the sport federations who are located outside the main building and using their own network and databases. The IT department of QOC is responsible for the IT from both sides the hardware and the software and all what is related to them in order to facilitate all activities needed to run the authorization and to make sure all the technologies used are up to date, secure and meet the standards. The IT department has many units that is working together to reach the goal of the department as well as the goal of the entire authorization. One main unit of those units is the help desk unit that is responsible in brief for employees' requests to set services, solve problems or incidents. There are more than one way that is used by the help desk unit to interact with employees to help them with their IT needs i.e. call center, emails and the IT services system. This paper contains a comparison and evaluation of the two systems that have been used by QOC IT department to receive users' requests (HP open view, BMC9.1 & BMC10.1) in term of PIECES framework. The evaluation of the system is based on system administrator's point of view and end users' (QOC employees) point of view. An evaluation of the current system (BMC10.1) has been conducted based on employees & administrator surveys & interviews and after the analyzing of those surveys problems with performance and input has been highlighted. A suggested solution that might be taken to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of the system has been given.

System used by the help desk unit
HP open view 4.5 There are two different systems that used by IT department to improve the process of receiving employees' requests and respond to them quickly and efficiently. The first program was HP open view 4.5 which is an application (that has no web access) created by HP Company to simplify the complex needs of the business by taking a holistic approach to IT software. However there were lots of limitations that hinder the help desk unit from reaching their goals and did not meet the efficiency needed to perform tasks in time and in a proper way. The main problems were with the information (input & output), efficiency and services. In term of input, data is difficult to capture because there is no integration between the application and the databases. The administrator had to enter the data into the application after getting them from the employee and the stored data might not be accurate sometimes. The input problem leads to efficiency problem, whereas the whole process of receiving phone calls and then entering the data into the application and categorize them in order to assign it to the person who is in charge, waste the time of the IT administrator. The low quality of reporting was an output lack, the services level of agreement is not a feature of the application. All these shortages of HP open view leaded to a low service because the program is not accessible by end user, all requests registered by IT staff and not compatible with other programs, no integration with any other system or database.

BMC 9.1 & 10.1 Most of the problems of the HP application have been solved by using the new system (BMC9.1) which is a web accessible and applying the ITIL (information technology infrastructure library). The web accessibility feature enables end users to use the system to apply for services or reporting problems. The categorization of data based on the type of request wither problem or service and what type of problem and service plus the variety integration engines with ORCAL & SAL databases (databases used by QOC) and the call center system to retrieve information needed such as employees information i.e. (authorization, positions, job number…etc.) solved the issue of inputs, efficiency and services problem. The high quality of reporting solved the issue of output problems. Yet, only a 20% of all users had used the system because of a service problem which is the difficulty of using the requests forms management by addition to that, the administrator faced a problem because there was no approval work flow module, approval were made by emails' notifications. After the upgrade of the BMC 9.1 and the use of BMC 10.1 the request forms management simplified, the approval work flow added and awareness workshops held by help desk unit to all employees to explain more about the new version and how it is easier than the previous one. After all, the number of employees using IT self-service has been increased to 60% which met the expectation of the help desk unit.

Methodology The data of this paper were collected by analyzing the interviews that made with 2 IT administrators and some employees and a questionnaire that were done by 20 employees and divided into 2 groups. The first group consists of 6 IT administrators and the second one consists of 14 employees. All of them were selected randomly based on their welling to answer the questionnaire. The questions were created according to the conversations made with admins and employees and their opinion about the system. The points that were highlighted through those interviews were the extent to which both employees and IT administrators are satisfied with the new system. And the limitation or obstacles that face them and that hinder them from using the system and their suggestions to improve the system. The result is analyzed in light of PIECES framework.

Finding and analysis The first group -whose members are the IT administrators- attitude about the system, is positive. In term of service issue, five out of six find it easier than the previous one, and 100% agree that it solved most of the problem that they were having. In term of efficiency, 83.7 strongly agree that it is not a time consuming system, it saves time and double effort. Regarding the language and wither the English language (which is the language of the system) is an obstacle to use the system by users whom English is their second language, 50% disagree and 33% have no opinion while about 16% agree that it might be a problem. The reporting results are efficient and the cost of the system is suitable to its return i.e. (efficiency, effectiveness, customer satisfaction …etc.) The second group (the employees) agrees that the system saves their time and it is easy to use. 11 of them have no problem with the system language while 2 do have. About 21% find the information requested by the system is too much and complex while the rest find it not. About the response of the IT help desk to the requests applied by the system, 78% said that it is faster than the other ways and about also 78% said it is the best way to apply for IT requests. However, the rest are either disagreeing or have no opinion. And some of them gave some recommendation about the features that if being added will encourage them to use the system more such as specifying the period within which the request will be closed and the admin whose responsible to the request so they can follow up if they need. Through these interviews and the results of them we can say in general, there are two opportunities that can be taken by the IT help desk unit to develop the system more and to encourage more employees to use it. * Having an option for Arabic language, since the Arabic language is the official language and most of the users are Arabic speakers. It would be a step to enhance the service of the system by making it easier. * Adding a feature of showing the period within which the request will be responded to, so the employee can know exactly the period assigned to solve his/ her request and if any delay happens he/she can report this to the supervisors.

Conclusion QOC IT help desk unit’s system to receive employees requests is perfect according to the IT administrator because it has solved the problems that they used to have (information, efficiency and services) however the employees has a little bit different point of view regarding it. The features that the wish to be added , would enhance the performance of the system and make it easier to them to use it and follow up their requests.

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