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Pim 812 Boston Lyrics Opera

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1. What are the benefits from developing a Balanced Scorecard at BLO? What challenges and barriers must Del Sesto and Dahling-Sullivan overcome to capture these benefits?

* The general benefit of doing a Balanced Scorecard at BLO is that it will give them the possibility of translating (Digesting, landing) their RATHER ABSTRACT mission statement and strategy hypothesis to the more understandable language of measures and indicators. With the use of Balanced Scorecard, BLO human resources will also benefit in the form of taking their long run big objectives as a set of specific or detailed actions to reach specific goals in a daily, weekly or monthly basis. * They will face the challenge of building a strong relationship with their donors and patrons to raise money in fundraising type events and permanent contributions (i.e. monthly checks) like parishoners in a catholic school. They will have to get and use broad data about their donors and patrons and transform it into quantitative and qualitative information in a way they can define a sort of target market or segment.

2. The BLO working group has selected eight customer objectives for its three strategic themes (see bulleted items on pages 5-7 of the case, also summarized in the Customer row of Exhibit 5): * Develop loyal and generous supporters * Build reputation on national and international opera scene * Reach out to the Boston-area community
What measures should the project team select for these eight objectives?

Customer objectives measures: * Keep track of the number of contributors and their contribution amounts. * Number of applications to become board members and number of suggestions.


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