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Start of new chapter for every mans life

NAME:__________________________________ NICKNAME:_____________________


HOME ADDRESS:_________________________________________________________

CONTACT NUMBER/S:_____________________________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS:_________________________________________________________

Please answer the questions below:
Ano ang limang (5) natatanging pangyayari sa buhay mo na nagkaroon ng epekto sa iyong pagkatao? Maaari itong masaya o malungkot.

(What are the five (5) most important events in your life? It can be happy or sad.)

?Nung mga panahong sobra akong minaliit kasi MATABA ako it was a turning point of life dahil that moment I feel like life so unfair.

? One handler from bicol discovered me




Alin sa mga pangyayaring ito ang handa kang ikwento sa mga programa ng ABS-CBN tulad ng MMK? (Which among these highlights are you willing to share in ABS-CBN’s programs like MMK?)

Ilagay ang iyong litrato.
Paste you full or half body picture.

Photo Here





AUDITION : As contestant in Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Season 5(“Program”)

I certify the following:

A. Eligibility and Participation

1. I am between the ages of eighteen (18) to thirty five (35) years as of 1 October 2013 until 31 August 2014, or in case I am submitting my application online (not exceeding one (1) minute in duration) of me describing myself, and without any music or other effects (“Online Video”). 2. I have voluntarily participated in the Audition conducted by ABS-CBN Corporation (“ABS-CBN”), without any compensation and I assume all risks arising from or associated with my participation in the Audition. As such, I have done or will be doing one or more of the following:

a. Engage in one or more live performances in connection with the Audition, during which my likeness or voice may be recorded in photograph, video or sound; b. Grant one or more interviews to ABS-CBN; c. Provide ABS-CBN a full and true account and disclosure of all facts regarding my physical and mental condition, civil status, education, and life history; d. Undergo medical, physical, emotional, psychological and other tests and examinations by professionals selected by ABS-CBN, as part of the Audition; and e. Such similar activities as may be connected to the above.

3. The procedure, rules and other material terms for participating in the Audition have been fully made known to me by the Program and/or ABS-CBN (the “Terms”). I accept and agree to be bound by the Terms. 4. I am aware that a favorable endorsement during the medical, physical, emotional, psychological and such other tests and examinations, shall entitle me to qualify for the Program; and that ABS-CBN has full and final authority to determine my eligibility and qualification to enter into and participate in the Audition, and in the Program, and that its decision thereon shall be final, binding and non-appealable. 5. I am aware that if selected as a finalist in the Program, my participation in the Program shall include having to live in a house which is isolated from the outside world located at Eugenio Lopez Drive, Quezon City, Philippines (the “house”), for a period of approximately Eighteen (18) weeks for the Program (“Estimated Duration”). 6. If I reside outside Metro Manila, Philippines, or outside the Philippines, and I am selected to participate in additional phases of the Audition, I agree to travel to Metro Manila, Philippines, and to continue my participation in further phases of the Audition, and if I am selected as a finalist, to participate in the Program for the Estimated Duration. I understand that ABS-CBN shall be responsible for the expenses for such travel to Metro Manila, or to the Philippines.

B. Warranties

7. I hereby warrant that I have the full power and authority to enter into and participate in the Audition, that I am a citizen of the Philippines, or if not, of Filipino lineage; that I am qualified to join the Audition in accordance with the Terms. 8. If I reside outside the Philippines and I have an existing employment or engagement contract with a third party (the “Employer”), I warrant that I shall secure all necessary permissions, consents and authorizations from the Employer, and all the regulatory or government agencies, necessary for me to travel to the Philippines and participate in any phase of the Audition, and, in the event I am selected as a finalist, to participate in the Program for the Estimated Duration. 9. I further warrant that I have no management or other agreement with any other person, firm or corporation, which will in any way interfere with my participation in the Audition, or with any of the rights of ABS-CBN. In the event that I am represented by a talent manager at the time of signing if this Waiver and Release (“Manager”), which I have disclosed to ABS-CBN, Manager shall likewise sign this Waiver and Release below. I and my Manager hereby agree that ABS-CBN, through Star Magic, shall have the option to enter into a management agreement with me, and upon such election by ABS-CBN/Star Magic, Manager and ABS-CBN/Star Magic shall co-manage my professional career. The term of the management agreement shall be for a minimum period of one (1) year, which may be renewed at ABS-CBN/Star Magic’s sole option for such longer period as may be determined by ABS-CBN/Star Magic. I also understand that if ABS-CBN/Star Magic elects to enter into a management agreement with me, ABS-CBN shall be entitled to receive a commission equivalent to ten percent (10%) of my earnings from any activity, after deduction of taxes.

C. Non-Disclosure

10. I acknowledge that I may be given access to or become acquainted with confidential information and trade secrets of ABS-CBN or any of its directors, stockholders, officers, employees, consultants, or personnel (the “Representatives”). I shall not disclose directly or indirectly to any third party any such confidential information and trade secrets of ABS-CBN or its Representativs, including the terms of this Waiver and Release and the terms and conditions of any contract that I may execute with ABS-CBN. This obligation shall survive my participation in the Audition, and will continue even if I do not qualify as a finalist in the Program.
11. If I am selected to be a finalist in the Program, I will not directly disclose such selection to any person, other than to my parents or legal guardian, or to my spouse, if I am married. I will not, nor through my parents or legal guardian, or spouse, consent to any interview, press release, issuance or any other public disclosure by any means or method, of such selection prior to the date that ABS-CBN designates for me to move into the house. I also acknowledge that prior to the broadcast of the Program, the plans of ABS-CBN for the Program, and any of the activities, results and developments in the Audition (“Program Content”), are strictly confidential. I shall not disclose directly or indirectly to any third party any of the Program Content, unless such Program Content becomes or is made known to the public by the broadcast thereof by ABS-CBN.
12. I shall not make public any complaint or grievance about the Audition, or the Program, including any decision made by ABS-CBN, and will take this up directly with ABS-CBN or its proper officers.
13. I understand that any violation of this Clause shall be a ground for my disqualification from the Program and that this disqualification shall be final and unappealable, without prejudice to any other right or remedy ABS-CBN may have against me at law or equity.

D. Release and Acceptance

14. In the event that I receive from ABS-CBN any prizes in excess of Ten Thousand Pesos (P10,000.00) (the “Prizes”), ABS-CBN shall withhold from the Prize the amount equivalent to twenty percent (20%) of the value of the Prizes, which shall be remitted by ABS-CBN to the appropriate government agency as taxes due on the Prize.
15. I am fully aware that the Program and ABS-CBN have not authorized any person to promise me any employment, contract, benefit, or any reward, and that if I decide to make any deal, arrangement or transaction with such unauthorized persons, I shall hold ABS-CBN free and harmless from any claim arising from my decision.
16. I grant permission to the Program and to ABS-CBN to use my name, likeness, identity and appearance or participation in the Audition, including any Online Video, in any photographs, motion pictures, or any other record, in any and all manner and media in perpetuity, throughout the world. For this purpose, I assign to ABS-CBN the copyright and all other rights to such record of my participation in the Audition, including the right to use my name, likeness, photograph, caricature, voice and biographical material including for any commercial purpose, and that they shall become the sole property of ABS-CBN, including copyright therein.
17. I will not make any claim against ABS-CBN or its successors-in-interest or Representatives for any remuneration in respect of the exploitation of the above-mentioned rights. If I have any moral rights in relation to my Audition or my participation in the Program, I irrevocably consent to all material alterations to such participation or appearance in the Audition and in the Program for the benefit of ABS-CBN, its sponsors, licensees, sub-licensees and assignees for all purposes. I hereby irrevocably waive for the benefit of everyone any moral rights and similar rights that I may have as a result of my appearance in the Audition and in the Program.
18. I hereby release ABS-CBN, and any sponsors of the Program, and their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, successors and assigns from any and all claims and damages I may have for invasion of privacy, defamation, damages, or any other cause of action arising out or relating to the Audition, or my participation in the Audition and the Program, and the duplication, distribution, broadcast or exhibition of my participation in the Audition and the Program.

E. Liabilities

19. Should I make any misrepresentation of any matter to ABS-CBN, violate any of my undertakings, warranties or obligations in this Waiver and Release, I shall be automatically disqualified from the Audition and from any possible inclusion in the Program, without prejudice to any other right or remedy ABS-CBN may have against me at law or equity.
20. My failure to sign, and my Manager’s failure to sign (in case I am represented by a Manager), this Waiver and Release, or to comply with the foregoing conditions, shall be sufficient ground for my disqualification from the Audition, and the Program, and for ABS-CBN to take proper legal action against me, such as but not limited to a claim for damages. The absence of any information on, and the signature of, the Manager, on this Waiver and Release, shall be sufficient ground to consider me as not being represented by a Manager at the time of the Audition.

With my conformity:

Signature : _________________________________________
Printed Name of Participant : _________________________________________
Date : _________________________________________

If the person signing the Waiver and Release is represented by a talent manager, this Waiver and Release must be signed by the Manager
I represent that I am the Manager of the participant and hereby agree that we shall both be bound thereby.

Signature : _________________________________________
Printed Name of Participant : _________________________________________
Date : _________________________________________

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