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Ethical and Socially Responsive Business Kaiser Ahmed Strayer University

Code of conduct in a business is extremely important. It sets boundaries in a work environment that keeps ethical behavior regulated. The Cheesecake Factory is one organization that has a code of conduct in place that is detrimental to the success of its business. Some of those key aspects are Compliance with the law, Non-Solicitation and Non-Raid and Non-Disparage Issues. These codes that are put in place uphold ethical behavior and also protects the organization itself. Compliance with the law is extremely important. This code states: “We expect staff members to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws,regulations, rules and regulatory orders at all times. Neither a supervisor nor any other staffmember has the authority to direct another staff member to break any law or to conducthim/herself in a manner that is counter to the Code of Ethics”. The Cheesecake factory put this code in effect to make sure that their employees hold up their duties as law abiding citizens. In this they also stated that they do not tolerate sexual harraasement or drugs, which is very important now a days with everything going on. This should and I’m sure it is a basic code of conduct whether it be a business or a school. When we are jobs giving service to the world we must keep in mind that our responsibilities to law and order do not change. The Non-Solicitation code of conduct ensures that customers have a comfortable no hassle experience while they are dining at the Cheesecake factory. This code also protects the

company itself. The code itself states “We do not want anyone to feel pressured by our staff members to contribute,purchase or participate in events, goods or services that are not Company related. Guests or visitors should not be made to feel as if they are being solicited by any representative of our Company for non-Company related goods or services”. Customers are given a sense of ease with this code because they are not held responsible or pressured to do anything that they do not feel comfortable doing. The level of comfort any business gives to its customers is vital to their success, because that Is something that will ensure that people come back and eat at the Cheesecake Factory, regardless of how good or bad the food on the menu is.
Another code of conduct that is vital to the success of the Cheesecake factory is Non-Raid and Non-Disparage Issues. This code protects the restaurant from speaking ill of the brand itself publicly by a former or current employee, keeping in-company matters within the restaurant itself. The only discrepancy to that would be only if the law forces that employee to do so, they can’t speak up. So this code also protects not only the employee but the company itself. The code states: “Unless compelled to do so by applicable law, former staff members of the Company may not disparage the Company or its officers during or after employment in anattempt to discredit the Company, its assets, and/or future growth”. We all know that things happen in the work place, miscommunication or fights may happen, maybe an employee is urged to discredit the company publicly, but this code protects The Cheesecake Factory from that happening.

Some key steps that a company can make sure that employees follow these code of conduct is to put them through a training modules that have video examples of how to follow the codes and to have someone from higher management clearly explain these codes in a representative manner so they are understood. The training modules and videos would give a newly hired employee a visual representation of how rules and regulations should be followed, and this technique ensures that an employee will understand things more because studies have proven visual learning as a great way to understand things. The employees should be tested on what they learned from the training modules and videos as well so that management can make sure they understood the codes. Also having a manager speak to the employees about the codes separately will give a one on one experience for the employee to understand management vision of how The Cheesecake factory wants things run.
Three ways the Cheesecake factory can engage in socially responsive activities in the community are having food drives for the homeless on holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, donate daily left over food the poor and give restaurant credit to school student who have good grades. Having food drives during holidays would show the community how much the Cheesecake factory cares for the less fortunate and would give them a good reputation, and this idea would keep the employees engaged in company activities and teach them ethical lessons. Donating daily left over food to the poor is a fantastic way to make sure that food is not gone to waste, and ensures that old food is not used again to feed customers.

Store credit to eat full meals is a great motivation for students to do well in school so they can enjoy the amazing food that The Cheesecake factory has and at the same time promotes education. Codes of conducts are everywhere, not just in the work place. It is important that we follow them to ensure that there is order in any public place. The Cheesecake Factories code of conducts have made them a first class organization and you can see for the most part when you eat there that they are very organized in their way of conducting business. The product that you supply at any business may be great but if there isn’t a code of conduct or ethical procedures put in place, customers will not feel comfortable at any business establishment.

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