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Oilene Refineries’ management was unhappy with the quality of crude palm oil (CPO) delivered by Palm Haul Sdn Bhd (PHSB), their transporter. The contract will expire within the month. Oilene Refineries will have to analyse the scenario and make a decision whether to renew the contract with PHSB or find other solutions.

1.1 GENERAL INFORMATION –Crude Palm Oil (CPO) transportation

* Approximately 1,500 tankers transporting CPO from the mills (where palm kernels are harvested) to the refineries (where palm kernels are processed for CPO extraction) in the peninsular and East Malaysia.
* Palm oil estates operated by MNC have their own mills while smallholders send their palm kernels to co-operative mills for processing.
* Once the CPO is extracted, it is then sold to refineries where it is refined for local consumption or export. These refineries are concentrated in areas where palm oil cultivation is a major activity.
* The refineries commonly OUTSOURCE the transportation of CPO to transport companies. The transport companies are responsible to deliver consignments of CPO from the mills to the refineries.
* The tankers have to be modified to carry CPO.
* Approximately 17.73 million metric tonnes are moved yearly from the mills to the refineries by the tankers operated by transport companies.
* Gross profit margins: 35%-45%
* Administrative overheads are low. Net profit can be made if operated efficiently.
* Achilles’Heel (a deadly weakness in spite of overall strength, which can actually or potentially lead to downfall) is COST OF SALES due to:
* Vehicle maintenance costs
* Compensation payments to refineries for short delivery of CPO.

Picture 1: The Supply Chain of Palm Oil


* Stealing of CPO by the drivers, depot (palm oil…...

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