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Pitbulls Should Be Banned

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Pit Bull. You either thought if a mean, vicious and angry dog ready to attack at the drop of a hat, or you think of a big but cute dog, who is protective and loving of owners who treat them well. Many countries and states are trying to get pit bulls banned under Breed-Specific Legislations, or BSL. In “Opinion: Pit bulls should be banned” by Barbara Kay states that pit bulls should be banned because they are natural born killers and there is no way to train them to behave. Elana Pisani author of “PIT BULL DISCRIMINATION – A PEOPLE PROBLEM?” believes that the dog fighting boom of 1980s is to blame for the pit bull’s reputation, and they are no more dangerous than any other breed of dog. Is the issue the dog itself, or the owner and the environment …show more content…
Pit bulls used to be “America’s Dog” with pit bulls being everywhere from our wars to our black and white televisions. In the 1980’s, people took advantage of the pit bulls protective nature and forces them into fighting. In many american’s mind, pit bulls go hand in hand with gang and drug problems. When a dog is taken in by a shelter, most perform a tolerance test to see how the dog reacts under stress. 86.8% of pit bulls tested are shown to be non-aggressive and calm. The CDC stated that BSL’s do not deal with the truth that any dog can be trained to be violent. Pit bulls are muscular and protective, so they are ideal for people to abuse and twist to fight for them. I feel that Pisani’s argument is firm, she states lots of fact and cites lots of reputable sources. I agree with her final statement “Pit bulls are no different than any other dog. Other than having the deck stacked overwhelmingly against …show more content…
Much of her argument is based off of her own feelings and experiences. Her facts and statistics leave holes and there were few other articles that have better information.. Pisani’s argument had good sources and current and accurate information. I feel that even if I didn't agree with her, I would still feel like her side of the argument has a valid stance. And what do I say? While they have the highest attack rate, there are more pit bulls in North America than any other breed of dog. They usually are only agressive because their owner trained them that way. The FBI is going to be adding animal abusers to their databases, (“FBI Now Tracks Animal Abuse Just Like Homicides, Arson and Assault” By Ryan Grenoble) which will stop certain people from getting dogs. Pit bulls are not bad dogs, they are exploited, mistreated and abused. There are no bad dogs, only bad

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