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说得通俗点,sales pitch 就是推销员的“花言巧语”,是一些令人为之心动的说辞,多半是有事实根据,有逻辑基础的真话,总是很有“说服力”的。

但推销员不是简单地提供信息,他们是在pitching,所以,要点不在于是不是“真实”、合不合“逻辑”,而是动不动人。Pitvhing 就是要把你说动,让你买本来没想买的东西,本想将来买的东西现在买,本想在那家店买的在这家店买,总之,要说得你多少该变你的初衷,又不觉得上当。
Sales Pitch Samples
In this blog post we will try to outline some sales pitch samples to help you get an idea of how to develop your own sales messaging. But before we start to look at what to do to build a good sales pitch, let’s first talk about some things to try to avoid.
Avoid Product and Company Focus
One trap that we can naturally fall into is talking mostly about our product, service, and company when delivering our pitch. There are a couple of challenges with this.
First, when you talk primarily about your products and company, you are talking in a very “all about me” frame. This can be an approach that is less attention grabbing and also one that does not foster strong relationships.
Another downside to this type of sales pitch is that if the prospect is not in buying mode, they may hear your product and company details and think “So what?”.
Avoid all of the Details
Another trap that we can easily fall into with sales pitch samples is to go into way too much detail on what we are selling and do. You sales pitch needs to be short and sweet, yet still very powerful. Sometimes less is more.

An Alternative Approach
Now that we outlined a few things to avoid, here is an quick solution that you can use to resolve and avoid both of those. Focus your sales pitch primarily around the value that your products and services offer.
Just about every product or service will deliver some sort of value and this is how the product helps the customer or what it helps them to achieve. We recommend breaking the value you offer down to three levels: technical value, business value, and personal value.
Once you have those details identified...

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