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Pittsburgh University Case 5

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Natalie Potter
AC 270A
Case 1
Due October 23, 2015
Lambeth Custom Cabinets (A)
Part One: T accounts (All numbers are dollar values ($))
Raw Materials Beginning Balance 3250 | Direct Materials A3 280 | Purchased 1750 | Direct Materials A4 350 | | Direct Materials A5 180 | | Direct Materials A6 375 | | Direct Materials A7 590 | Ending Balance 3225 | |

Supplies Beginning Balance 875 | Used and Transferred Out 490 | Purchased 700 | | Ending Balance 1085 | |

Labor Total Labor Cots 5460 | Direct Labor Cost 3460 | | Indirect Labor Cost 2000 | Ending Balance 0 | |

Work-in-process Beginning Balance 5650 | | Direct Materials A3 280 | | Direct Materials A4 350 | | Direct Materials A5 180 | | Direct Materials A6 375 | | Direct Materials A7 590 | | Direct Labor A3 750 | | Direct Labor A4 1300 | | Direct Labor A5 550 | | Direct Labor A6…...

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