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Human Resource Management, 12e (Dessler)
Chapter 9 Performance Management and Appraisal

1) Which of the following terms refers to the process of evaluating an employee's current and/or past performance relative to his or her performance standards?
A) recruitment
B) employee selection
C) performance appraisal
D) employee orientation
E) organizational development
Answer: C
Explanation: Performance appraisal means evaluating an employee's current and/or past performance relative to his or her performance standards. Performance appraisal always involves setting work standards, assessing the employee's actual performance relative to those standards, and providing feedback to the employee.
Diff: 1 Page Ref: 306
Chapter: 9
Objective: 1
Skill: Concept

2) The primary purpose of providing employees with feedback during a performance appraisal is to motivate employees to ________.
A) apply for managerial positions
B) remove any performance deficiencies
C) revise their performance standards
D) enroll in work-related training programs
E) change their peer evaluation procedures
Answer: B
Explanation: The purpose of providing feedback to the employee is to motivate him or her to eliminate performance deficiencies or to continue to perform above par.
Diff: 2 Page Ref: 306
Chapter: 9
Objective: 1
Skill: Concept

3) Which of the following is NOT one of the recommended guidelines for setting effective employee goals?
A) assigning specific goals
B) assigning measurable goals
C) assigning challenging but doable goals
D) administering consequences for failure to meet goals
E) encouraging employees to participate in setting goals
Answer: D
Explanation: Effective goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Goals should be challenging but doable, and employee participation should be encouraged. Giving consequences for failing to meet goals is not...

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