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My experience at AIU will differ from other schools because they go by different guidelines.
I like the way AIU point things out so that the students will know what they are getting into. AIU has 24/7 help and different numbers that will guide you. Overall, some schools will not help you the way you need it.

What I found unique about AIU and Virtual Campus is that there are various links that you can choose from. Amazes me that I can just click on any link to do my assignments and also have numbers to call and emails. I was able to learn new things as becoming a new student at AIU. Honestly, I can say there are many ways you can interact with people through chatting, email or fax.

When I first started I was confused about where things were. I was motivated about how they were listed in order and all I had to do was read the information that corresponded with each one. Overall, I had fun with learning new thing and where and how things were suppose to go. The best part was knowing how to join clubs, do profiles and meeting new people that can explain to you what class they taking up.

I plan to use the new student resources so that I can get familiar with things better. After learning them I can go back and look at the ones the other students are using. I want to be able to learn new things about AIU and the courses I am taking. Things that I don’t know I will be able to click on the links or talk with an advisor that will assist me. Interacting with people and learning new things will help me in the future and I can also encourage other people about attending...

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