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Plan 9 Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan

2nd Progress Report
MKT- 402 Industrial Marketing – J
Winter 2014 Semester

Presented by:
Abrar Salim
Rafil Zulqarnain
Ramsha Khan

28th September 2014

Situational Analysis
Internal Analysis Information technology is globally recognized as a vital tool for accelerated ecnonomic growth, efficient governance and human resource developement. Punjab Information Technology Board [PITB] has taken numerous initiatives to deploy swift, effecgtive and innovative IT solutions in Pakistan & has attained massive accomplishments. Plan 9 is an up and running successful project of PITB. Plan 9 is Pakistan's largest tech incubator. Tech incubators are business assistance programs that serve entrepreneurs that deal with technology. Incubators share office space and administrative services but the the core value that they serve is the incubation program to the start up companies. Plan 9 benefits a variety of economic and socioeconomic policy needs, which includes * creating jobs and wealth * Fostering a community's entreprenuerial climate * Technology commercialication * Diversifying local economies * Encouragin women or minority groups Jobs are created as if a team of 5 people successfully incorporate a startup then they would require more workforce and hence more job opportunites would lead to better economic conditions of the country. Plan 9 gives the opportunity to programmers and software developers and other IT personnel to bring out their 'big idea' to the general public. Plan 9 also encourages women entreprenuers to apply as women are an important aspect of the workforce as well

Plan 9 was launched in August 2012 to facilitate technological entreprenuership in Pakistan. The incubation process is a tailor- made process desinged specially for each start up so that they can flourish. Plan 9 guides the start ups in the following domains: * Refinement of Business Plans: The Plan 9 team collaborates with the start ups to polish their marketing or business plans so that the plans are relevant to the investors or clients * Monitoring on Product Development: Plan 9 technical team seeks to add more value to the product or service that the start up has initially come up with * Connecting with Potential Clients: Plan 9 networking team assists the startups to socialize and gain knowledge about the prospective clients that may be interested in investing in the startup * Advising on Internal Operations: Plan 9 resolves all issues in the startup teams and advises them on how to carry out the activities * Dealing with domain- specific mentors: Plan 9 brings specialized industry personnel so that the startups have an experience of what to expect and how to be proactive with technology and their idea * Safeguarding Legal Concerns: Plan 9 deals with the SECP and helps startup become incorporated.

These are the steps in the incubation process of Plan 9:

Slogan: Where Ideas Take Flight
Vision: To instill the culture of tech entreprenuership and achieve sustainable growth for early stage product- based ideas by providing domain specific mentorship and investment opportunities to create commercially viable technology startups in Pakistan
Mission: We help raw business ideas evolve into successful and sustainable startups by playing a pivotal role in bringing about a digital transformation in the enterprise and commercial sector. We focus on incorporating innovative technoligcal interventions while promoting transparency, technology entrepreneurship & online education in the region. We seek to empower citizens by actively engaging them and to improve service delivery and promote ecnomic growth in Pakistan.

External Analysis The Plan 9 offce is located in Arfa Technology Park, Lahore. Currently, they operate in 3 major cities. Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad. Plan 9 is in its introduction stage as it was launched as recently as 2012 by Dr. Umar Saif who is the chairman of Punjab Information Technology Board. But the company is growing as more products and services are now technology based. Since 2012, Plan 9 has successfully incubated 49 startups. Each cycle is of 6 months and upto 2200 teams from all over Pakistan undergo the application process. Around 90% of the applicants are fresh university graduates who wish to start up their own companies rather than joining the corporate sector. Nearly 10% existing employees send in their applications because they believe they have an idea that would be unique and would be worthy enough to be commercialized. The current teams are mostly the fresh graduates who have an average age of 25. 80% of these fresh grads are males. The potential teams are the university students who are currently in their final year. Plan 9 visits major universities in Pakistan like GIKI, NUST, IBA, FAST and they have an inhouse incubator in GIKI where the current students can learn about entreprenuership and develop their product while still in university. Majority of the customer base is in Lahore as more than 100 teams are invited and are shortlisted to 50 to pitch in their ideas. Teams from surrounding areas of Lahore like Sheikhupura, Multan, Gujranwala also come to Lahore to showcase their idea. 10 teams are shortlisted from Karachi when Plan 9 visits the city. Most of the teams are from Szabist and IBA. Also 5 teams are shortlisted from Islamabad. The personality of the majority of the people in the startups is adventurous. They are enthusiasts and are passionate about their idea. They realize that their idea is the only thing they've got and they take risks to wish to see their idea succeed. They have an urge to do something. To stand out and to prove something to the nation or even the world. They do not want just another boring office job. The major factor that influences the demand for incubation programs is the the IT sector is booming in Pakistan. The demand is consistently increasing. More budget is being allocated to the technology sector. Also, the startup cost is relatively low. You just need a laptop and an idea to start up a business. Thus, this innovation is appealing to women as well who are programmers and software developers and wish to share the information by being recognized. Thus, corporate social responsibility is followed. The purpose of people opting for startups and incubation programs is that the return on investment is high. The investment cost if fairly low and if your product or service offers value to the customers then it will generate large amounts of profits which would easily cover up the startup cost. Plan 9 seeks to boost the economy by bringing investors locally and from abroad so that the technology sector in Pakistan is further amplified. The unique value propostion of Plan 9 that separates it from its competitors is that Plan 9 does not take any equity share of the startup since it is a government funded organization. Other incubators take upto 10% equity shares so they are the minority stakeholder in the company and any profits would be shared. Lums Center for Entreprenuership is a director competitor of Plan 9. It is the incubator or accelerator of Lahore Universiy of Mangement Sciences. Plan 9 promises initiatives beyond incubation as well. Plan 9 inducts promising and inquisitive students from various universities and colleges on a quarterly basis. These students are engaged in an unconventional learning experience related to their preferred fields ranging from conent writing to business and app development. 30 students are interned on a quarterly basis. Plan 9 WHIZ KIDS program is an ingenious and stimulating initiative to introduce entrepreneurship to students from grade 7 to 11. These students learn coding and make their own smart phone games, animations, etc. 100 students from 35 differents schools from all over Pakistan have graduated so far. Plan 9 network parntership is a collaboration with the local and global information institutions. The network partner includes NUST-SEECS, GIKI, BNU, NED-UET, FAST-NUCES, Bahria University, DotZero and KITE. Globally, Plan 9 signed a MOU with Blackbox which is a Silicon Valley startup accelerator focused on helping non-US startups to bring their products to the global market.

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