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Plan for Positive Influence in the Workplace

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Plan for Positive Influence in the Workplace
Influencing is committing oneself to work successfully with others. Influencing is using a range of skills to get work complete and maintain good relationships with others. This plan will address specific differences and how each difference influences behavior in the attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values of people to collaborate with in the workplace. Also, the differences will be addressed on how to effectively address these behaviors to positively influence the team.
Attitude is the way people feel about their work and the approach that is taken towards the work. Others can feel the belief through another’s attitude towards work. A positive attitude can be a transfer of feelings to others. Attitudes are focused around three components; beliefs, intentions, and feelings. Attitudes can be addressed by creating the proper workplace climate, establish rules of discipline, overcoming resistance to change, and dealing with age and cultural differences. A change in a person’s thinking is the best way to make a change in others people’s life and workplace. People’s attitudes are affected by organizational changes, life imbalances, less social interactions, and new technologies. These can affect a person’s attitude to be negative in the workplace. To address these stresses, organizations need to develop employees through training and group meetings.
Emotions are experienced daily in workplace among all workers. These are done positively or negatively. Emotions can be considered as energy in motion in the workplace. Some emotions that are experienced in the workplace are anger, boredom, confusion, fear, jealousy, regret, and embarrassment. Emotions can be positively acted on by being aware of doing the emotions, identify the purpose of the emotion, and choice of response of the emotion. Emotions...

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