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|Plan for Being Successful with Organization |
|My desired outcomes and experiences for being successful with organization: |
|I keep a calender that I record all events, due dates, and tests in. I also have a whiteboard that I keep in my room that I use to highlight |
|important daily and weekly events that I need to remember. All of my school materials are kept in neat binders and folders so that nothing gets lost|
|or misplaced. Before beginning any kind of work I make sure that my work area is clean so that I do not have anything to distract me. |
|Actions I will take |
|Select 5 to 10 strategies you will use to achieve your goals and the specific actions you will take using that strategy. Make actions Dated (when),|
|Achievable (realistic), Personal (suitable to you), Positive (what you will do rather than what you won’t do), and Specific (observable/measureable)|
| |
|Strategy: Keeping a calender or planner |
|Specific actions: This helps me to keep my important due dates all in one place so that I do not forget anything. As soon as something is assigned |
|to me or I schedule an appointment, it is recorded in my planner with its date and time. |
|Strategy: Keeping a large White board in my room...

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