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In 2006 the worlds total economic output was around $47 trillion
Total value of the stock and bond market was $119 trillion
Derivatives $473 trillion

The world is connected through the stock market with London at it’s center not only geographically but time wise

Globalization has vulnerability to financial shocks and political forces

Big and Painful crisis
West caught up in full blown because of mortgage lending we wanted to export to the rest of the world

Americans there is no place like home we take the universal priveledge to own a home for granted

Before the 1930’s no more than 2/5 of American households were owner occupied; however, it was born out of an American financial crisis. During the Great Depression in 1929 everyone stuggled to pay rent and mortgages. The greatest hurt was in Detroit the auto industry was cut in half as well as the wages.

On March 7, 1932, 5,000 workers that were laid off marched to the factory to demand unemployment relief. Unarmed crowd in deerborn police officers reached out and fired into the crowd 5 workers were killed. A few days later 60,000 people were honoring them at their funeral. A communist newspaper accused henry ford’s son of leading a massacre

Diego rivera mural showing Detroit as a sign of cooperation not class conflict was a lifelong communist 1933 seen as travesty

The new deal is what began to reunite the us pioneered the idea of a property owning democracy

Gov rigged housing market to give incentives to become home owners garentied loans

New administration offered lower interest loans most fixed for 20-30 year fannie mae created a nationwide market

Reducing monthly cost made ownership possible for more Americans than ever before

Modern US born out of new deal reforms

Not everyone in America had the invitation to the property owning party. Whether you got the money...

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 1) There is only one force acting on the satellite. What is the escape speed from a planet of mass M and radius R if M = 3.2 ´ 1023 kg and R = 2.4 ´ 106 m?
 2) 4.2 km/s Planet Zero has a mass of 5.0 ´ 1023 kg and a radius of 2.0 ´ 106 m. A space probe is launched vertically from the surface of Zero with an initial speed of 4.0 km/s. What is the speed of the probe when it is 3.0 ´ 106 m from Zero's center?
 2) 2.2 km/s Which of the following quantities is conserved for a planet orbiting a star in a circular orbit? Only the planet itself is to be taken as the system; the star is not included.
 2) Energy and angular momentum. What is the magnitude of the free-fall acceleration at a point that is a distance 2R above the surface of the Earth, where R is the radius of the Earth?
 2) 1.1 m/s2 A satellite circles planet Roton every 2.8 h in an orbit having a radius of 1.2 ´ 107 m. If the radius of Roton is 5.0 ´ 106 m, what is the magnitude of the free-fall acceleration on the surface of Roton?
 2) 27 m/s2 A 50-kg satellite circles planet Cruton every 5.6 h in an orbit with a radius of 12 ´ 106 m. What is the magnitude of the gravitational force on the satellite by planet Cruton?
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