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Planning and Allocating

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Planning and Allocating work whilst Understanding Organising and Delegating in the workplace


BACKGROUND – Pages 4-5







LFRS – Lancashire fire and Rescue service
HFSC – Home fire safety check
ADFs – Accidental dwelling fireS
DSFs – Deliberate Secondary fires
EVAs – Environmental Visual Audit
CORVU - LFRS information system
MOASIC – LFRS information system
SOA – Targeted area (super output area)
Sm – Station Manager
Wm – Watch Manager
Cm – Crew Manager
CFS – Community Fire Safety
KPIs – Key performance indicators
IRS – Incident Recording System
E71 – Blackburn Fire Station
E70 – Accrington Fire Station
E76 – Darwen Fire Station
MFS – Mobile Fire Station
E71P2 – Blackburn Fire appliance
E71P1 – Blackburn Fire appliance
REDKITE – Training programme system
BA – Breathing apparatus
RTC – Road traffic collision


The name of the organisation I work for is Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service. LFRS has a number of aims which are split into our objectives, our priorities and our values.

Our Objectives – Our specific measureable goals.
To identify the key priorities for 2013 – 2017 by asking ‘What should LFRS focus resources on over the next four years in order to achieve the goal of Making Lancashire Safer?

Service Priorities – The most...

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