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Planning Changes

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Planning changes:
Why is it important?

▪ Identifying the final aim of the change and communicating it effectively

▪ monitoring the progress of the changes (sponsor/agent and targets)

▪ understanding the change (targets)

▪ identifying lack of infrastructures/staff/training to support changes

▪ setting achievable time frames and goals

▪ setting roles and responsibilities

▪ motivating people within the change

▪ increasing efficiency

▪ increasing transparency

Issues to consider: “culture and behavior”

▪ Change begins before final aim is identified or sponsor identified (e.g. lost of contract)

▪ Emotional reactions to changes are difficult to plan and time should be given to manage those reactions effectively. Emotional reactions maybe caused by: 1. Company goal vs group goals or individual goals and reactions are not easy to plan 2. Effect of the change on the private sphere of individuals (e.g. relocation). Time should be given to adjust to the changes or appropriate financial support when applicable

▪ Diverse background/work conditions/culture require different planning and communication strategies

▪ Flexible and critical tasks of the change have to be identified, reviewed and changed when possible

How to ensure a smooth transition

▪ Meet with senior staff involved in the change to discuss all aspects of it to try to ensure nothing is left unconsidered and therefore unplanned for.

▪ Ensure all individuals involved are clear about their roles in the change; roles should be directly related to their skill set where applicable.

▪ Allow enough time for each stage of the transition and build in buffer zones for things that may be out of your control.

▪ Ensure individuals involved have all the information required...

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