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Planning Employee Burnout

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Burnout Planning Vivian Atcherson BSHS 462 February 24, 2013 Latera Davis

Burnout Planning Burnout on-the-job usually happens in human service work in high stress environment and has signs of emotional fatigue, exhausted, doubt of professional achievements and feelings of disconnection from clients. A worker wanting to climb the ladder of the organization after a short time may show “the type A personality” wanting to move away from clients and be in this for power and more money. Besides burnout poor attitude in the vision or mission with a competitive, non- trusting attitude quickly will bring an employee to burnout signs. The burned out staff has client problems displayed by the employee, developing multiple issues with clients, and negativity. The cause can be work related problems such as high case load, lack of choices and autonomy, lack of rewards, disrespect, and belief discrepancies among the team. Burnout is added to by events at work, such as a supervisor lack of participation in supporting the employees, who may experience burnout also. A lack of employee involvement in team planning, problem-solving, and lack of motivation from peers and management or cultural problems with not having opportunities of growth or a sense of appreciation may cause downward dispositions. Many organizations are cutting back staff and the concern according to this article (Business Magazine, 1994) the “Employees who survive staff cuts, beleaguered by overwork and long hours, face a high potential for employee burnout, says 85 percent of those surveyed.” The high stress can affect performance and cause employees to begin looking for other work. More signs of burnout are lack of emotional regulation with clients, and fatigue. The support from supervisors and finding ways to change goals and the focus within each department should be a part of consideration planning for employee job overloads. This strategy prepared in advance will stop oncoming staff turnover.

Burnout Planning Ways of prevention for managers to help staff is adding more volunteers to help or interns coming into the program to work for educational hours and giving them a small case load that relieves stress from other employees. Flexible scheduling, employee shift sharing and the ability to trade days, changing schedules, and duties rearranged to change mundane tasks. Teaching the employees new skills and trusting them with some duties they are new to for growth and experience is supportive. Allowing staff to create new ideas for the program, organize some work related task and take credit for trying new ideas in line with the mission will increase autonomy, competency, and sense of belonging. As a manager to assist with burnout keep speaking about issues that come up for a staff member and make supportive suggestions on self care and asking how to support the staff. Suggestions focused on the staff member for time off, peer support, client interventions, and listening to his or her ideas to bring relief that they identify will help. Also suggesting the use of an EAP according to (University of Phoenix, 2008) employee assistance program for counseling and support will continue maintaining support for future burnout therapy. A personal remedy to burnout is asking for help when a schedule is to busy with tasks close together and have a high chance of not getting completed. Taking an extra day off for a three to four days off in a row break when a vacation week is impossible. Continue talking to coworkers for input strategies with a difficult client. As a human services manager, letting my staff know they may go home early on a difficult day or flex them time to come in late or leave early the next day. I would look into some fun activities that a group of employees could do together during the week for some fun, such as a fun exercise class or lunch together, such as a potluck in the building or restaurant down the street. Knowing the signs of burnout, discussing
Burnout Planning about the problem often and asking for ideas from staff to work together with each other to avoid work stress will make it easier to address when occurring in the workplace. Acknowledging this as normal in social work and human services, discussing the signs and symptoms so staff is aware of and do not have shame for the problem typical of the industry they work in.

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