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Planning Proposal

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Planning Proposal
Introduction to Technical Writing

Compose a minimum 3 page planning proposal that solves a problem, improves a situation, or satisfies a need in your school, job or community. Write towards a specific audience (aside from the instructor); use the audience and use profile from the textbook if you need help defining that audience. Be sure to explicitly include the six key elements of a proposal from our class discussion. 1. Define the problem or issue. 2. Discuss a realistic and cost-effective solution. 3. Discuss the benefits of implementing this solution. 4. Anticipate any objections to this solution. 5. Describe your ability to carry out the given solution 6. Include a direct call to action
Remember that the primary focus of a proposal is to persuade an audience, rather than to simply inform. This will require more effort rhetorically. Provide detail when describing how the proposed solution will be implemented. Therefore, you may need to include a lengthy description of a process. Emphasize specific data when describing the benefits and costs of the proposal. You may include any necessary visuals (remember to not use visuals simply to decorate), and necessary research (cite 2 sources MLA). Finally, also employ efficient page design elements to help guide the user through the document.

Sample Topics

• Creating a new business or expanding a current business • Saving labor, materials or money on the job • Making course content in your major more relevant to student needs • Designing a website for your current employer or organization you belong • Finding ways for a nonprofit organization to raise money • Improving work conditions at your job • Improving training or job orientation programs at your job • Eliminating traffic or safety hazards in your neighborhood
Again, you may also use a topic of your own if none of the above interest you.

Point Value: This assignment is worth 10% of the overall course grade (100/100).

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