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Mr. Holford is the managing director of a family based school uniform manufacturing company, One Stop Production. In two years Mr. Holford plans to retire with the intention of allowing her daughter Susan to assume full management responsibility of the company.
However in the last two years Susan has found many problems in the structure of the company from the way it was being run by her father because she thinks they both have different styles of management.
Moreover Susan lacks managerial skills but wants to manage the company in a different way to her father but was met with a lot of the animosity and resistance from the employees as she tries to restructure the company and implement new polices.
Therefore Susan has hired us as a consultant to assist her in restructuring her company.
The purpose of this report is to identify and outline the problems with the company, aad to make recommendations to Susan on how to resolve them.

One Stop Production is a family owned business, which specializes in uniform manufacturing and managed solely by Mr. Amos Holford.
Mr. Amos practiced the authoritarian style of management which resulted to a lot of confusion, mixed instructions as well as interdepartmental conflict because he left the daily operations to his supervisors. As Mr. Holford now prepares for his retirement his daughter Susan Holford who co-manages for the last two years would take over her father`s major role of the company.
However because of sudden change in management style the employees has become very resistant because they got accustom Mr. Holford way of doing things in the company.
When closely observed there was lack of communication between management and staff in which staff members were uncertain of their roles and responsibilities within the company. There were no job descriptions for employees who were expected...

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