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Plant Communication

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Plant communication
Recent studies have shown that plants may be able to communicate to one another, this communication is made possible by genetic information. In another study from David Johnson of Aberden university we are informed on the ways that plants carry information from one to others using soil. When a plant is infected by a disease they are able to pass that information to the others, and fungi play the role of the carrier transmitting that information. In 1983 Jack Schultz and Ian Baldwin conducted an experiment regarding plant communication. They used APHIDA to ingest leaves of a plant, and when it started, the plant reacted by transmitting a signal known as VOC and contains chemicals that are passed to nearby plants and this signal, the VOC when passed to other plants makes them react and protect themselves.

I earlier said that plants “talk” with the aid of genetic information, this is something confirmed by Jim Westwood at the Virginia tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. He studied a parasitic plant called a dodder on two other specific plants Arabidopsis and Tomatoes. Dodder clings on to a plant and sucks it’s nutrients but Jim Westwood says that this interaction is much more complex than it looks, due to the transferring of genetic information that DNA carries. Transferring of mRNA, which tells which proteins should be coded. A parasite tricks the plant into reducing defense in order to start feeding from it. "The typical way that plants communicate is through chemicals that they release through their leaves and roots," says Westwood. "So to find out that there is an exchange of RNA" - the intermediary form of genetic information that fills the gap between DNA and proteins - "is a new concept that hasn't been explored at all.

“Westwood said mRNA could turn into an "Achilles' heel for parasites.”

If we grasp the concept of how plants communicate, then the number of fertile soils will dramatically increase, this would be achieved by not using harmful pesticide for the crops. Using this technique we can protect crops by blocking mRNA communication. Witchweed and Broomrape are African regions that have serious trouble in providing the habitants with food, if this concept is made possible then we would be able to lessen the third world starvation problems.


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