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Plastic Belts

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HabiPLAST® Guides for roller chains and belts, extruded profiles and accessories Habasit - Solutions in motion



Introduction Industries and applications Materials overview Materials technical data Notes Materials chemical resistance Guide profiles Roller chain guides Round belts guides V-belts guides Flat belts guides Metallic profiles for HabiPLAST guides Accessories for metallic profiles Extruded profiles for HabasitLINK and HabaCHAIN Machined profiles for chains C3200/C3210 Tapes in PE WS 01 Wearstrips kit Corner and straight tracks for HabaCHAIN® Notes Guides for HabaSYNC timing belts Services The Habasit Solution
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HabiPLAST® Leader in production and sales of conveyor belts, year by year Habasit has developed a comprehensive knowledge in various sectors of production processes. To offer a more and more complete service, Habasit created the HabiPLAST® division, specialized in supplying of thermoplastic products for engineering and industrial applications like extruded profiles, machined profiles, sliding guides, wearstrips, plastic parts, ect. Industries and applications HabiPLAST® products are used in many industries like bottling, packaging, mechanics, chemistry, pharmaceutics, ceramics, glass, food, paper, etc. The new HabiPLAST® extruded profiles are the best complement for HabasitLINK® modular belts, HabaCHAIN® and HabaSYNC®.


Production HabiPLAST® products are machined in our modern plants in Vittorio Veneto and Vigliano Biellese (Italy). The factories are equipped with the most technologically advanced systems and equipments available. CNC machines guarantee a remarkable flexibility and big productive volumes always of high quality. Our stock of standard products ensures deliveries on time. HabiPLAST®…...

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