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Plastic Company Revised Hr Analyis

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Plastic Company Revised HR Analyis
Learning Team 1
Dr. Kendra Swensen
Managing Human Resources
September 2,2010

Plastic Company Revised HR Analysi 2
In this narrative style paper we will be discussing human resource (HR) solutions, methods, and potential problems involving Plastic, a plastic manufacturing company. The company originally started over 15 years ago and has grown to be a diverse organization encompassing employees from different nationalities and ethnicities. After surviving a decline in the industry, Plastic is now looking to possibly offer employment opportunities to new applicants. Newly hired HR manager Paul must include detailed job requirements for applicants while abiding by employment laws and regulations. Paul will also be tasked with prioritizing job training (aside from safety training), updating manager job descriptions, and analyzing the efficient way to recruit new applicants.

Keywords: diversity, ethnicities, nationalities, human resources (HR), and job description.

Plastic Company Revised HR Analysis 3
Plastic Industry Company has been faced with a decrease in growth and development due to the recent downturn in the overall economy and layoff. Plastic’s employees are primarily Caucasian and African American there are two Russians and on Vietnamese. As a result the Human Resource manager Paul will turn the company around by improving training, decreasing turnover rates, revising the outdated manager job descriptions and asking the company for approval to hire an additional Hr person. Paul is the first HR profession the company has had. He is self motivated about the changes the company is faced with.
Paul will fundamentally need to understand how important the role of HR will...

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