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Gaspare tagliacozzi was born in 1545 and died in 1599. He is considered to be the creator of cosmetic surgery. He created a technique to transplant skin from the arm to an amputated or disfigured nose, and was a skilled reconstructive surgeon for eyes, lips and ears. When plastic surgery became popular, surgeons took skin from various donors, such as a neighbour’s pig, but were confused when the nose would shrivel and fall off.
Plastic surgery has many purposes. Generally it is used to improve the looks or functionality of a certain aspect of a person’s visage. This can include tummy tucks, breast implants and brown lifts but can have an enormous effect on patients with depression. However, the purpose of reconstructive surgery is to correct any physical features which are deformed or abnormal, but many people consider it as a luxury.
Sheyla Hershey is a 28 year old Texan who is the proud owner of the world’s largest breasts. After having 9 breast implants she now has a 38kkk bust. Altogether, Americans spent approximately $13.2 billion on plastic surgery in 2006.

A study was carried out for teenagers in order to find out how many have considered plastic surgery. Four in ten teenage girls said they have.
Two thirds of the 2,000 girls quizzed, average age 14, said the pressure came from celebrities with perfect bodies such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé Knowles
A majority said they also feel tremendous pressure from boys who increasingly expect their girlfriends to resemble the perfect celebrity body model they've been fed by a ‘looks-obsessed’ society. For example: Jodie Marsh, Cindy Jackson and Katie price are always brought up in numerous magazines.
The only real cure for plastic surgery addiction is for people to realize that it is not the nose but the look in the eyes, not the appearance but the accomplishments, not the fake but the real that actually…...