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Once upon a time there lived a young lad named Herbert. Herbert was the son of Amos the great dragon slayer. Amos was a noble man who was very well respected and well known for his courageous deeds and fierce battles. “Oh I want to kill a fierce dragon one day, just like my father did,” said Herbert, while swaying his sword left to right, practicing for the great day. Herbert’s mother was very proud of the family reputation, so she wanted Herbert to learn the skills and trade of the family business. One day Herbit’s mother walked into Herbit’s room and asked him “Herbit can you please go out into the forest to collect some wood, for winter is arriving soon.” “No mama, I am training for the great day, when I Herbit will kill my first dragon,” said Herbit, but his mother ordered him to go into the forest, so off Herbert went.
“I don’t have time for petty choirs like this” said Herbit, “I must practice for the great day, for I shall be like my father the great dragon slayer, then I will be known throughout the land”.
So he chose his friend Georgie the Porgy who looked up to Herbit. Georgie Porgy was very well known throughout the village for his wisdom, he had no father and his mother was a drunkard, he was teased a lot and had no friends, so Georgie Porgie was well pleased to serve Herbert.
Week after week, Georgie Porgie would gather the wood in the forest to chop. A year later Herbert’s mother asked Herbert to practice his sword skills with a well-known professional instructor. “I have no time for this” Herbit said in an angry manner, “for I myself am a great teacher and need not to be taught by any man”.
So Herbit sent off his servant Georgie Porgy to train for him. “For I must train myself for the great day when I will slay my first dragon and become like my father”.
Months later his mother had enrolled Herbit to a new school to learn Latin. “School, I” said Herbert, “I don’t think so, I shall send my servant Georgie Porgy off to school to learn Latin, while I train for the great day, Then I shall slay my first dragon.”
A year later, the great day had finally arrived when a big dragon had appeared in the woods. The dragon had trapped a young lady called Mariam who was screaming for help. And off Herbert went with his faithful companion Georgie Porgy who held Herbit’s sword.
As they arrived at the woods, Georgie the Porgy handed Herbert his sword, “get away from here you filthy beast”, Herbit yelled in a loud voice, but the dragon could not understand him for the dragon only spoke Latin and Herbit could not speak Latin. The dragon’s teeth were getting more and more closer to Herbit’s body, so Herbert started to swing his sword in a reasonably fast pace, “get back you filthy beast”, but Herbit’s arm was getting more and more tired.
As Herbit was moving back he tripped on a rock and his sword flew right into the air. The dragon was so close to Herbit that a few more seconds Herbert would be dead meat. Then suddenly a voice from nowhere came forth “wait master I shall slay the dragon” it was Georgie the Porgy. He ripped off his shirt, then grabbed the sword that was in the air, and said to the dragon in Latin “blah, blah, blah” which means, back you filthy beast for I shall slay you. The dragon started to go back, for the dragon understood Latin. Georgie Porgy then swung back and forth against the mighty dragon and slayed it. Herbit’s jaw dropped after seeing all this. All the girls including Mariam gazed at Georgie the Porgy’s’ six packs. (For prior Georgie had ripped off his shirt.)
So this is how Georgie the Porgy earned the name Georgie the Great Dragon Slayer. THE END

The story: In life, people want to be heard and to rise and stop a crisis but if they don’t put the effort into it (time, thoughts, and strength), they won’t get very far. People like Herbert, who people despise but little do they know herbit is very knowledgeable, will rise and defeat those that are corrupt in power.
This may reflect Martin Luther’s battle. Many people tried to free the blacks but it was Martin Luther’s persuasive speech that freed the people.

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